The Sims 3: Ambitions

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The Sims have always had jobs to choose from and work for a wage in order to buy cool new stuff for your home. Ambitions brings the workforce to a whole new level by giving you new careers and the ability to actually do your job.

Completing life goals has been a major impact on the life of your sim in The Sims 3. Now, aspiring to be the best Architect, or a Fire Fighter, or even a Ghost Hunter, all of which are new careers in the life of your Sim, is something you can interact with. Going to work is no longer like sleeping where you just watch the clock speed by and set up tasks for your Sim to do when they return. Now, you can really go and perform your job functions, although in a limited way. Completing your life goals is now more hands on than before.

This has been, by far, one of the best expansions in any of the Sims games. Micromanagement has been taken to another level giving you full control of your Sim’s complete daily life. What more could you ask for? While there are other little additions such as objects to buy, and new clothing that is ‘work appropriate,’ the implementation of being able to go to work with your Sim and actually performing the functions of your day-to-day job is most rewarding.

While others are still looking for the addition of interactive multiplayer, I still think The Sims series sets itself apart by being a solo game, and that’s where it should stay, in my opinion.

The key difference is that the new jobs are the only ones you can go to work with, as they’ve been modified as careers. The old jobs are still the same ho-hum go to work and watch the clock. So it’s important that you select a career for your Sim to fully interact with them in their daily life.

For fans of the series who want greater control of their mini versions of themselves, this is a must have. For those that have so far resisted the addictive pull of The Sims, then this won’t necessarily bring them in droves. Somehow, I don’t think the idea of coming home from work to put your Sim to work is going to be the appeal that their looking for to pick up the game and get to playing, er working.


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