The Room

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One of the best puzzle games to come along in awhile

Nothing, unless you don't have an iPad2 (or better)

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If you have an iPad 2, you should have The Room. Released a couple months ago by indie developer Fireproof Studios, the game has quickly built a solid following of fans and press accolades. And for very good reason. While the title is essentially nothing more than a room with a table occupied by one single box that needs opening, you must go through a series of intricate puzzles using different perspectives and manipulating objects in order to determine when, where and what to unlock next to get to the core.

The game makes excellent use of all the iPad’s features, without being overly gimmicky (and also without holding your hand either, allowing you think creatively to solve problems). For those who get frustrated easily there is always a hint system available that can point you in the right direction, though obviously the experience is much better the less you rely on that assistance. The Room is an excellent bargain at $2 on the app store, and takes clever players at least a few hours to beat.


Rather than just solving puzzles for puzzles’ sake, there are some notes hidden throughout the experience which hint at more sinister happenings. What’s inside the box, what will happen when it’s opened and what does it all mean? The questions are intriguing enough to pull you in, but again it cannot be emphasized enough that the strength of the core gameplay is what really makes this title stand out. The graphics and audio are excellent and never detract from the experience, and there is a supernatural element to the story that adds yet another layer.

If you’re a huge fan of puzzle games then this is absolutely one you don’t want to miss — especially considering that the developers are hinting at more Rooms in the series which I, having just beaten this first entry, am greatly looking forward to.


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