The Lost Cases of 211B Baker Street

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Want a hidden object game with a little bit of mystery thrown in?  Legacy Interactive, Inc. has created just such a game for the iPhone.  In The Lost Cases of 211B Baker Street the player rides along with the great Sherlock Holmes and his reliable partner Dr. Watson to uncover clues to the murder of the wealthy Mr. Geoffrey Goodrich.   The duo is asked to search four randomly selected rooms of the huge estate.  Each room has three items that the player must find.  These items are very large and fairly easy to find within each room.  The only concern I had while playing was that the rooms seemed to be a bit darker than I would have liked on a small iPhone screen.  Each time the player finds one of the items Sherlock Holmes determines whether the item is relevant to the case or not.  The player needs to pay close attention to Mr. Holmes because there will be a quiz later, but don’t worry it’s an open book quiz.  Once the player has searched each of the highlighted rooms the game turns into a mini-game of the board game Clue.  Here the player takes on the role of Sherlock and must choose which suspect killed Mr. Goodrich with which weapon and for what reason.  If the player can’t remember which choices to make they can refer to a handy little journal that faithfully recalls each remark that was made.  If the player makes all of the right choices they receive a score that is a combination of how quickly they solved the mystery and the number of guesses it took to find the correct answer.

All of this adds up to a very simple hidden object game that the player can easily complete in a matter of minutes.  Concerned that this makes for a boring game?  Fear not!  The game’s designers have made a valiant effort to infuse enough subtle changes in the story to keep the player guessing.  Each game selects four suspects at random from a total of twenty possibilities, four rooms from ten possibilities, four weapons from a potential twenty, and four possible motives from a pool of eleven possibilities.   This is no epic game that will leave the player exhausted, it is a quick casual game that will fill a few minutes while you wait for the bus, for the doctor, or for your significant other to finish getting ready.  It is a nice bite-sized adventure that is rewarding and fun.  It is a game that truly fits on a mobile gaming device like the iPhone.  If this sounds like a good way to spend your waiting time then, dare I say it, the game is afoot.

A download of The Lost Cases of 211B Baker Street was given to The Married Gamers for review & evaluation.


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