The Amazing Spider-Man

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“Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can.” Except video game adaptations. I love superhero movies, but when it comes to the video game based off of them, it is the complete opposite. I’ve fumbled through games like Iron ManSuperman Returns, and several Spider-Man games that all seem to miss the point. When I saw that The Amazing Spider-Man film was receiving its own video game I shuddered at the thought of playing through another lazy attempt at a superhero game. However, as I spent more time with the game I realized that there is still hope for decent superhero video games in a world filled with villainous companies trying to make a quick dime by cashing in on movie hype.

The Amazing Spider-Man is an exception to my “All video games based on a superhero movie suck” rule because of one major aspect of the game. This game isn’t a retelling of the movie, but an extension of the story instead. If you haven’t seen the movie yet then you needn’t worry because the game doesn’t spoil much for you, unless you are under the impression that Spider-Man is going to die in the first installment of a reboot. You will definitely appreciate it more after seeing the movie, but it isn’t a requirement. The story picks up with Peter taking a tour of Oscorp with Gwen. Introduced into the story is Alistair Smythe, the main antagonist in the story who will stop at nothing to destroy all the cross-species that have come out of Dr. Conner’s work as the Lizard, including yourself. As you tour the facility you encounter classic villains like Rhino, Scorpion, Iguana, and Vermin. With the introduction of you, a successful cross-species, into the mix it is only a matter of time before these subjects escape and begin to infect New York City. To make matters worse, Gwen has been bitten and infected too so it’s up to you to figure out how to cure New York and rescue Gwen. Now where could we find a scientist who is well-versed in cross-species genetics? Why Curt Connors of course! Can you trust this villain to help save an entire city, let alone all of Earth?

Spider-Man is supposed to feel like a quick and agile character. Other games have stuck to webswinging and quick time events to give you the sense that Spider-Man is cheetah fast, but The Amazing Spider-Man goes above and beyond to redefine Spidey’s control styles. You have your standard webswing which can be done anywhere, and I mean anywhere. You also have a new ability called “Web Rush” which lets you select where you want Spidey to end up, be it a wall, building, flag pole, or even underneath a helicopter. Holding down Web Rush puts you in slow motion allowing for faster reflexes, especially when you are trying to escape from enemies. He will then rush to that spot without being detected. Web Rush is also handy when fighting foes and lets you smash into enemies, chaining web attacks, combos, or tossing enemies against walls. If your health is getting low within a fight and you need to make an escape you have a “Web Retreat” ability that will Web Rush you to a nearby wall or ceiling, away from enemy sights. You have no idea how handy this ability is, especially when you are trying to be stealthy and take out enemies without being seen. Stealth is a huge factor in The Amazing Spider-Man. Climbing onto the ceiling above an enemy allows you to perform a “Stealth Takedown” which wraps the victim in web and hangs them from the ceiling. Upgrade your stats enough and you will be able to takedown two enemies at once. This is a huge help when facing tougher enemies like turret guards or shielded robots.

Spidey vs. The Rhino

Every mission you complete or foe you dispatch earns you XP. As you progress through the game you will unlock abilities and upgrades that will allow you to perform stronger attacks, chain your attacks, or perform special attacks like “Web Hurricane” or “Web Punch.” When you defeat a robotic enemy or find a tech box you will earn Tech XP which upgrades your tech, allowing you to stun enemies for longer durations, increase the reach of your webs, and decrease the damage you take from enemies.

The good vastly outweighs the bad with The Amazing Spider-Man. The actors from the film didn’t lend their voices to the game, but the cast they grabbed for the game are still solid and don’t detract from the overall performance. The only issues I ran into were with the camera and the small world setting. While webswinging I felt like the camera was way too close to Spider-Man. It would have been better to zoom out so you could see more of the city and the locations you are trying to get to. Climbing on ceilings can be a real hassle too as the controls will invert on you when the camera is upside down. Also, while fighting with enemies the camera tends to zoom in on Spidey, making it hard to see all the enemies in a group. There were times where I would be shot or punched because I didn’t see an enemy off screen. In previous games Spidey has been able to traverse the many “islands” of New York. In The Amazing Spider-Man you are stuck on one island which makes the world rather small. I would have enjoyed more room to swing around rather than the same thirty of forty skyscrapers. Another problem with the setting was that the sewers are visited every other mission. After a while it gets tiring going back to the same locations. I understand that the Lizard did a lot of work down there, but this game isn’t JUST about the Lizard.

Side missions in this game include stopping car chases, rescuing citizens from being mugged, helping the police with bank robberies, saving politicians, performing XTreme Challenges to show off your moves, and running into several of Spidey’s cross-species “friends.” A local reporter will also give you locations where she needs pictures taken. These provide nice vacations from the main story and are fun to figure out on your own; at least until you’ve done each side mission at least twice and they become annoyingly repetitive. Overall, you will be busy at least for an additional 5 hours with these missions on top of the main story itself.

The collectibles found within The Amazing Spider-Man are enough to keep you busy; a little too busy if you ask me. Normally in a video game there is one type of collectible to find, but in this game there are too many to count. You’ll collect comic books, magazines, tech boxes, photos, and even mental patients. Yes, I said mental patients. You will find these folks scattered across New York and it is your job to sling them over your back and take them to the authorities. There are 700 comic books to collect and these can be seen everywhere as they glow bright yellow. I would have liked to have comics be unlocked within the story so I could read them on my tv. I think Beenox missed an opportunity there.

The Amazing Spider-Man is the game I have been yearning for for quite some time now. The reason this game works is that it doesn’t summarize the movie, but instead furthers the story. More video games need to incorporate this style of straying away from summarizing the movie, and gravitate towards making an epilogue. If you are a Spidey fan you need to webswing out to your local game store and pick it up now! The Amazing Spider-Man is rated “T for Teen” and can be found on the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PC, Nintendo 3DS/DS, iOS, and Android.

A review copy of The Amazing Spider-Man was supplied to the Married Gamers for the purposes of this review.


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  1. Kelly Brown July 17, 2012 at 12:07 pm - Reply

    I can’t wait to play this game. I have been waiting for it.

    • Loren Nikkel July 18, 2012 at 2:13 pm - Reply

      Needless to say, it’s “amazing”. 😉

  2. SBOBET May 17, 2015 at 11:18 pm - Reply

    WoW!! this game in the x360.

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