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Clean up on isle 3, 5, 12, 10…

Supermarket Mania is a game designed by G5 Entertainment and it can be found on many platforms such as PS3, iPhone, PC and now the PSP.  Supermarket Mania is a time management/ multitasking game that resembles a game called Diner Dash, but instead of being in a restaurant like Diner Dash, this game focuses on working in a grocery store.  The game costs $4.99 on the Playstation marketplace, but is that too much to pay for this game?  Is this game really fun enough to purchase?

The story of Supermarket Mania focuses around a young girl named Nikki.  We follow Nikki as she starts at her first day of working for the supermarket chain called Torg.  Things don’t go well for Nikki, and she is fired only to be replaced with robots.  Nikki soon finds herself a new job working for Mr. Clarence, who owns a small grocery store and this is where the game kicks off.

If you couldn’t already tell, the story is not brilliant and it’s not the reason why you will be playing Supermarket Mania.  The gameplay however is actually pretty solid and strangely addicting.  Your task in Supermarket Mania is to keep the grocery store stocked with food on the shelves.  Customers will come in and make their way to the item they want in the store and it’s your job to make sure that there is enough food for them.  It’s pretty much that simple, but in later levels of the game, you will have to pick up trash that the customers drop, stop teenagers from running amok though your store and also stop thieves from stealing.  If you do a good enough job in the level and your customers don’t leave your store, they will pay for their food and it’s with that money that you are able to purchase upgrades for your store.  These upgrades include making the shelves bigger to hold more food, installing a TV to distract customers and make them more patient and also a security camera to slow down those pesky thieves.  As you move from level to level in Supermarket Mania, you can expect the level of difficulty to increase as there will be more things thrown at you to maintain.

Simple, yet incredibly fun

The graphics of Supermarket Mania are decent and consist of 2D sprites.  I have no problem with the graphics as this game does not need graphics to be fun however, the cut scenes of the game are told through the use of a comic book format and it’s in this department that I think could use some help.  It’s not that the comics are bad, but a bit more detail could have made it go a long way.  Again though, you are not going to be playing Supermarket Mania for the gripping story, you will be playing for the gameplay and that is where this game shines.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time playing Supermarket Mania.  It’s a great little game that is perfect as a portable game, but I don’t think it would be as good being played on the TV or computer.  The game itself is not very long and can be completed in just a few hours, but there is a endless mode if you desire to push yourself to see how long you can go.  For the price of just $4.99, this game is not bad.  I do recommend it to anyone looking for a game that resembles Diner Dash.

A download of Supermarket Mania was provided to The Married Gamers for the purposes of review and evaluation.


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