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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II is the sequel to the original Force Unleashed that was released a couple of years ago.  For those who have played the original game, we know that…

*Spoiler Alert*

…the main character, Starkiller, is killed by Vader and Emperor Palpatine so the fact that this sequel even exists is amazing. The developers at Lucasarts get around the death of Starkiller by making your character in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II a clone, although that’s called into question early on as “Jedi’s can’t be cloned.”  Being that this is a sequel, you would expect that some of the faults of the first game would be fixed, and they are, but sadly they are replaced with new ones.

The first Force Unleashed game had an amazing story that linked the original movie trilogy to the prequel trilogy and the results were satisfying and believable for a Star Wars title.  Sadly, The Force Unleashed II’s story is very weak and comes no where near the brilliance of the first game.  In a nut shell, without giving too much away, the plot is that Vader wants you dead so he sets a trap to catch you, meanwhile, you are trying to figure out who you are, a clone or not.  Just like an episode of Lost, the game sets up many questions, but sadly, answers none of them, making for a very frustrating story.

Also, this game is short.  Very short.  From start to finish, you can beat this game in about 5 hours, that’s about half the time of what the first game took to complete.  In this economy that we’re in, you want to make sure that you’re getting the most game for your money, but sadly, The Force Unleashed II fails here.  There seems to be a movement in video game development recently that’s focusing on making games more linear and story driven rather than immersing you in a sea of content.  I don’t know if that’s what Lucasarts was going for here, but both content and story both fall short which leaves me perplexed and disappointed with the final result.

Even though the game is entirely too short and the story is lackluster at best, the actual gameplay is where The Force Unleashed II excels.  If you’ve played the first Force Unleashed, then you know what to expect, lightsaber combat (now with 2 sabers) and overpowered force powers.  In this entry, the lightsaber combat has been redesigned to make it more acrobatic and realistic.  Yes, for once in a Star Wars video game, lightsabers actually act as lightsabers and can now dismember and decapitate your enemies.  I really appreciated this as it makes the lightsabers feel authentic and true to the movies.  Now if only we can see a lightsaber cut through a door or wall like Qui-Gon does in Episode 1.  The game mechanics have also been tweaked a bit since the first game to make it easier to pick up and throw objects and enemies around with the force, but unfortunately, it’s still difficult to target the enemy you want to attack.  With a little bit more refining and polish, the next Force Unleashed game may finally get the targeting system right, I’m hoping.

Along with the main campaign of the game, there is also a challenge mode that will have you performing tasks such as deflecting rockets, performing long combo chains, dashing to avoid sniper fire, etc.  If you are good enough, you can win a gold medal for the challenges, which is a requirement for an achievement.  This mode is quite interesting and it will add a few more hours to the game, but it feels like it was tacked on at the last minute to extend the content.  It’s nice to have it included, but it would have been better to have a longer campaign than have this game mode.

Visually speaking, The Force Unleashed II is beautiful.  The game designers did a great job in capturing the magic of George Lucas’ vision and making The Force Unleashed II feel authentically Star Wars.  A few of the levels are from locations that we have seen in the movies, such as Kamino, from Attack Of The Clones and they look nothing less than amazing, almost as if they were taken straight out of the movies.  I’m not going to lie here, The Force Unleashed II offers up some of the best graphics in this generation of consoles.

I know I just gave praise to the visuals in The Force Unleashed II, but something has to be said about the level designs.  Although visually beautiful, the levels in the game have many problems.  The first problem is that they’re just too long, taking over an hour just to finish one level.  Also, there is just not enough content to fill these huge levels, all you do is fight one enemy group after another and it becomes very repetitive.  After about 30 minutes of playing a level, everything starts to look the same and you find yourself looking for some kind of variety only to find none.  The only ray of hope in these levels are the bosses which are stunning and jaw droopingly epic.  I think the game would have been better off if the levels were broken up into smaller levels with more variety and more of those awesome boss battles.  The first Force Unleashed did this, why did the developers try to fix something that wasn’t broken? I’ll never understand.

For those going for the full 1000 achievement points, you will be happy to know that The Force Unleashed II is fairly easy and won’t cause you too much trouble.  As you progress through the story, you will be unlocking achievements left and right by performing certain kill moves such as making storm troopers leap to their death and reflecting missiles as well as many others.  You will also be awarded achievements for going through each of the levels as well as completing the game on unleashed difficulty.  Although the unleashed difficulty is not available until you beat the game once, it’s not that big of an issue because the game is so short.  Just like the first Force Unleashed, there is an achievement for collecting all the holocrons, but as long as you have a guide to refer to, you should be able to find them all.  There are also some achievements for completing the challenges, but with a little practice, they shouldn’t be too hard.  Overall, the achievements are pretty simple and shouldn’t take you too long to unlock them all.

I am a huge Star Wars fan and have been for my entire life just like millions around the world, but I have to be honest here.  Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II is just OK and adds little to the series.  Sure, the game is just as fun as the original Force Unleashed, but it’s just too darn short and not worth the full retail price.  It does offer a challenge mode which extends the game, but not by much.  I would suggest that people only rent this game as it can be fully completed within a couple days.  I would only recommend buying this game to the die hard Star Wars fans as they won’t be as disappointed as others.  The first Force Unleashed was a great game and I don’t know what happened during the development of the sequel to make it fall short, but it’s really disappointing.

A copy of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II was provided to TMG for the purpose of evaluation and review.


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