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Sonic Adventures brings the blue hedgehog back to the XBLA by reviving the adventure game originally brought out on the SEGA Dreamcast. Playing as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and other characters, you embark on a journey to save the world from Dr. Eggman and the evil Chaos monster that is powered by the chaos emeralds.

The game has been remastered and is able to display at 720p so it’s not terribly harsh on the eyes. While the game retains its original feel, the scenery, when you’re outdoors, is actually pretty nice to look at as you zip off collecting, or in my case running right past, rings which are prominent through all of the levels.

This game takes Sonic from the original 2D side-scrolling platformer to a third-person 3D perspective as you “chase” after Sonic looking for each new Chaos Emerald to prevent Dr. Eggman from taking over the world. Using a rather repetative strategy of jumping up and using a ‘homing’ bash to damage your enemies, you’ll encounter a limited amount of generic looking enemies throughout the levels.

Boss fights are typically either an encounter with Dr. Eggman and his egg-shaped ship, a new form of the Chaos monster as it evolves with each additional piece of the Chaos Emeralds, or ‘friends’ such as Knuckles and the E-102 robot. Upon defeat, Knuckles and the E-102 robot join your side, as well as become unlocked playable characters.

Online the game only really features leaderboards, and the ever present achievements. Beyond that, though, the game remains primarily a single-player experience as you can go through the game with the different characters as you unlock each of them in turn.

The controls for the game take a good while to get used to. They feel loose and when Sonic is going at top speed, it’s a challenge to get even the slightest impression that you’re really in control.  Missing rings and running up the walls or sides of the tunnels was a frequent event when going through Sonic Adventures. Initially the game was a painful experience. As a non-experienced Sonic player, getting used to the controls took a while, but once you start to get the squirrely feeling controls under control, the game feels less like a chore to grind through.

That being said, Sonic Adventures is not very fun. At times it feels very tedious, and the commonality of getting lost in the game is just frustrating. Exploring the game is aggravating as things look so much the same in many places that it’s easy to get turned around when looking for someplace specific to go. Added to that is a horrible camera system all over the game. Getting stuck behind walls, getting misdirected, and subsequently falling off of a ledge, due to sudden and severe camera shifts are way too frequent.

The storyline is quite generic. Mad scientist devises a way to overtake the world using a new weapon/creature that supposedly nobody can defeat. Enter the undersized hero with a big heart who may overcome great odds to unravel the master plans of the evildoer.

If you’re a huge Sonic fan, then this game might strum some of those nostalgic feelings from the Dreamcast days. Otherwise, even though this game is a modest 800 points along with the “Director’s Cut” DLC available for 400 that adds 60 more missions  and three new achievements, this game feels like a pass and your money is better served elsewhere.

A review code for Sonic Adventures was provided to TMG for the purposes of evaluation and review.


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