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EA’s SimCity Social went in to open Beta this week on Facebook and for me, this is the game on Facebook that I have been looking for. I can finally decide if I want to send those annoying announcements out to my friends or not, which we all know that many games just blast out to everyone as we are playing. Not only that, the game is fast paced and keeps me wanting to play. In less than two days of playing, I am at a level 12 mayor of my city. Since you are able to level up quickly means that players move forward at such a fast speed that they won’t feel the need to purchase any of the diamonds or energy. However, they are there for you to purchase if need be.

There are many different special decorations that will only happen at the point of “leveling up” that really are tempting to make those rash purchases. In fact, as I look at many of my friends towns I notice that they have these special purchases and I can see how EA is able to make their money on this game. These “decorations” along with other in game items that you are able to buy with the coins that you collect allow you to add to your citizens that live within your city.

As you start out the game, you have to be decide what kind of mayor you are going to be. Will you be one that will care for your citizens or will you let mayhem run amuck? All of these decisions are going to impact the way that that things occur within your city. The city has a bare bones layout already, but the rest is up to you. There are challenges set forth, so you know the linear manner you will start your town out with. From that point forward, it is up to you. Of course, there are tasks to be completed, and rewards attached to them, but there is no set time limit or pattern in which you must complete them. It is up to you as to how you are going to get them done. The only thing that matters is to make sure that you continue to grow your city and maintain your mayorship in the manner in which you have chosen.

In SimCity Social players can visit their Facebook friend’s town and interact within that town as well. When you are over visiting, you have to decide what type of interaction you are going to have with their town. Are you going to let the little devilish side of you come out or are you going to be a good neighbor? Depending upon how you interact with the different areas of your friend’s town, you will start to form a persona with SimCity Social. If you become devilish within their town, then you are able to leave gifts such as a flock of seagulls pooping all over their town; conversely if you have performed well-mannered tasks you are able to leave gifts like hot-air balloons floating over the town. These gifts increase in intensity as you increase your visits within their town. The decision is yours each time you visit your friend’s town.

The difficult part within the game is that some of the leveling up in the game does force you to perform both evil and kind acts. Therefore you have to decide which friends you are willing to become “a little devil” with. I have found myself balancing out my evil acts with kind acts, hoping that they would not mind that I had to do the acts that I had to perform. Since the game kind of forced my hand in doing them, I had no choice in the matter. I hope my Facebook friends understand that it isn’t personal.

This is the Facebook game that I have been waiting for. Yes there is a collecting aspect that we have all seen within other games and you’ll also have to wait a set amount of time to get whatever material is needed to complete a set task. However, the wait time is a matter of minutes rather than hours. Also, when I need to get more energy to do things within my town I have to wait three minutes in order to get more energy; a far less amount of time then any other Facebook game than I have played before. This has kept me engaged within SimCity Social and wanting to come back for more. After three days of playing the game, I can say that this is a game that is going to be in a constant rotation of daily play for me.


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One Comment on "SimCity Social"

  1. Marcia Webb June 29, 2012 at 11:10 am - Reply

    I am still on the fence about this game. It is annoying that some things take so long to collect, but then again that makes it a “log in once or twice a day” game as opposed to one that I feel the need to log into all day long. Same goes with the energy.

    I have yet to be evil to anyone though, maybe I’ll do that with you 🙂

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