Rock Band Country Track Pack 2

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Rock Band at present has more than 2000 tracks available for download and over 800 artists. It’s a monumental achievement and yet this musical freight train is still rolling out songs including some not yet available for download. Harmonix has just released Rock Band Country Track Pack 2 which includes 21 songs of current and classic country artists including Merle Haggard, Sugarland, Johnny Cash, George Strait, Lady Antebellum and more. At this time the only way to play these songs is by picking up the stand-alone title.

The music in Rock Band Country Track Pack 2 is good, even better than the ones included in the first Country Track Pack. Whether you are a fan of the classic country sound or the rock-infused sounds of current country music, chances are good you’ll find something you enjoy. Like the other released track packs, copies of the stand-alone game comes with a download code on the game manual to import the songs into your Rock Band music library. Sadly, this is the best feature of this rather sloppy game which is showing its age.

Players will not need a copy of Rock Band, Rock Band 2 or Rock Band 3 to play the Country Track Pack 2, although playing these songs on the supplied disc is about as much fun as rounding up a herd of cattle with a Shetland pony and silly string. There are significant problems trying to play this stand-alone game. Chief among the problems is that when players activates Overdrive or if the songs has a lot of notes coming down the fretboard, the game engine will become very sluggish making the player miss notes. At first I thought the problem was due to my controller needing calibration, but after done so twice, I then tried several of the included songs in Rock Band 3 (after importing them) and whatever sluggishness had disappeared. This slow-down at certain parts of the songs ended up being a great frustration.

There other problems in Rock Band Country Track Pack 2 including weird clunking noise when the Bass player exits Overdrive. An achievement for getting Gold Stars on a song on Expert would not unlock. Also adding to this mess is the unimaginative song ladder players must climb to “beat” the game that adds little incentive to play again.

Players can play solo or can play in-room co-operative multi-player. Like the other track packs, there is no online functions for the stand-alone disc. There are some achievements that encourage in-room players to play as a band. There is no character creation other than to name your band member. It also feels very strange to play these country hits while having a band that looks it stepped out of a Death metal band to tackle some Reba McEntire. The small grace it appears that the vocalist changes gender based on the lead singer for the track now.

It is becoming apparent that these track packs, should they continue, need to catch up to the top-notch presentation of Rock Band 3. It should be noted that while these songs can be imported to play in Rock Band 3 (or Rock Band 1 or 2 for that matter), there are no keyboard parts or Pro instruments on these songs. Should this line of track packs featuring songs not yet available for download in the Rock Band marketplace continue, perhaps it’s time to start presenting them only for Rock Band 3 and future games to avoid some of the rather large pitfalls present in Rock Band Country Track Pack 2.

Still, if players love country songs in their Rock Band playlists, then getting twenty-one very good songs cheaper that it will eventually be to purchase the tracks online then Rock Band Country Track Pack 2 is a good value even if this disappointing game is never even placed in the Xbox 360 disc tray.

Rock Band Country Track Pack 2 is rated E10+.

A copy of Rock Band Country Track Pack 2 was provided to The Married Gamers for review and evaluation.


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