Risen2: Dark Waters – Air Temple DLC

7 Overall Score

Same quality graphics

A bit pricey for the amount of content.

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Piranha Bytes has delivered a few small DLC packs to Risen 2 for the PC and console.  PC players have been enjoying this game for months.  The release to consoles on  July 31st allows console owners to get the chance to check out the vast world of Risen 2.  The latest DLC available to both formats hopes to expand that world even further by offering up to eight hours of new quests, characters, a new island, and Gargoyles!!!  An old friend guides the nameless hero to the new area in the form of a new quest.  After a quick intro quest meant to prove the player’s skill, the old friend guides the nameless hero to the Island of Storms.

The Island of Storms can be found by punching through the veil of stormy seas landing the player at the home of the Air Temple.  This temple has attracted an ancient race of “sky people”, better known to me as the gigantic creepy flame-puking praying mantis creatures (Gargoyles).  As luck would have it the nameless hero has been recruited to extinguish the gargoyle beasts as a species and retrieve all of their eggs.  I mean, sure, the hero could say no thanks.  But if a player has purchased the DLC I would recommend playing the hero and ridding the world of those evil beasties.  This quest leads the player through the new areas and exposes them to new characters and side quests.

I will remind you that the game still relies on the player’s ability to find their way through a good sized new area on their own.  The developers pride themselves on not leading the player by the nose.  This may cause frustration to those who do not love exploring large areas to find quest items.  To those folks I recommend locating a handy walkthrough.

For those with a bit more patience the game gives hints and allows the player to open their logbook to review quest dialog that will remind the player of important information.  The player can also get hints by using the logbook to set markers for quest objectives.  This is not always helpful but it is always worth a shot.  A player’s choice to use a walkthrough greatly diminishes the amount of play-time they will have with the new DLC.  One must weigh their personal patience level.  I personally found the area worth exploring and I enjoyed the landscape the developers have designed.  There is treasure to find and fun to be had in the new land.

I have heard some say that this new content can be completed in an hour.  I would dispute that.  It is true that if you know the Island layout and focus only on the main new “Kill Gargoyles” quest then, yes, it can be done rather quickly.  I would say a leisurely two hours plus in length.  It makes me wonder whether developers have severely miscalculated the play-time or players are just not finding the content they have hidden in their new area.

The graphics are still the same nice and bright environments seen in the original game and all of the basic gameplay mechanics hold true in the latest DLC.  In fact, does not change anything from the original game at all.  It is an interesting distraction to pursue with a decent weapon gained after killing the quest boss. With a price tag of $10 USD the player must decide whether their game experience needs this addition or not.  It isn’t that the game company did not do the work.

There is a lot of new items and adventure.   The content is fun and well crafted.  It is just not enough for me to justify the price outright. The content does not advance the character in any way and does not encourage much in the way of replay-ability.  What it comes down to is whether the player will perceive a nifty new weapon and some gargoyle slaying as a worthy excuse to buy new DLC.  At half the price I would happily slap my money down without a second thought.

A copy of Risen 2:  Dark Waters – Air Temple DLC was provided to The Married Gamers for review.


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