Modern Warfare 3: ELITE Content Package #1

7 Overall Score

Gives short and long range gunners a new playground

Only a meager two maps

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If you’re a big Call of Duty fan, by now you probably have downloaded the latest ELITE content for Modern Warfare 3. January 24th marked the first content drop promised to all ELITE members, the first of nine months worth of content. Included in the first drop was two new multiplayer maps, Liberation and Piazza. If this is an indication of what is to come with ELITE, I can only hope that we get more diverse maps like the ones included this month.


Liberation is my favorite map because it finally gives snipers a playground. Set in Central park, Liberation is an asymmetrical map with destroyed park structures on both sides of the map, connected by dried riverbeds and bridges. Walls of bushes hide your enemies and conceal their locations. The color scheme of Liberation is different than the greys and browns that you are used to as the leaves and trees accent bright reds and yellows. Anyone wearing a ghillie suit will automatically blend into the trees and grass making this map perfect for stealthy long-range assassins.

Be careful when traveling around the fountain and gazebo because you are prone to be sniped or taken down by other means quickly. There are two miniguns mounted on one side of the map that provide some good defensive firepower, but don’t stay on them for too long or else you will get sniped. In Domination, the flags are scattered in a diagonal line with the B flag being positioned on top of a bridge. Good luck capturing that flag alone because it leaves you wide open to be killed. Liberation is perfect for team based objective matches and goes well with medium to long-range weapons.


Piazza takes place in a coastal Italian villa. This map is perfect for shotguns and run-and-gunners offering cover in alleyways, buildings, and littered streets. Camping is not a good thing to try on Piazza because no matter where you camp you will be found via several routes to your location. Piazza is great for all gametypes and offers players of every caliber to find their “sweet spot” within the level. I really like the way the map is on a hill and gives players a height advantage when overlooking certain parts of the map. Piazza works best with fast paced game modes and is really stressful when playing gametypes that don’t allow respawning. It is also frustrating when playing Kill Confirmed because of the fact that most of the time when you or a teammate are killed the enemy is right there to pick up the tags. Traveling in groups is highly recommended. This isn’t your average European vacation spot.

While the maps are what most people are looking forward to with this content, a title update also rolled out altering the way shotguns work within multiplayer. The Striker has been adjusted to take away it’s overpowered nature, now firing less pellets per shot. Another big issue addressed was players glitching their guns and XP boosting within the game. The extended mags glitch has been patched, along with another patch fixing the ability to earn unlimited or negative prestige tokens. Earn your prestige tokens the hard way folks, not by cheating!

Two months after launch and we only have 2 new multiplayer maps. We need to see some more content soon or else people might get nervous about joining ELITE. Yes, the maps add some freshness to the game, but in past instances we have received several new multiplayer maps in addition to other goodies like zombie maps. This first content drop is now available to all ELITE members on the Xbox 360, later this month in February for PS3 ELITE members, and will be publicly available for everyone else later in March.

A copy of this ELITE content package was provided to The Married Gamers for review.


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