Puzzle Quest 2

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Puzzle Quest fans rejoice! The new RPG fantasy sequel, not sci-fi, game has arrived, and it looks better than ever.  Following up the successful 2007 game Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords, D3Publisher has again given us something to spend countless hours on.

Unlike other gem-based puzzle games where you attempt to clear board after board, you’re given a deep story with an immersive journey, weapons, enemies, and other tools to complete your quest. Packed with quests to complete in the main story and tons of side-quests to keep you going, Puzzle Quest 2 expands your time spent on the XBLA. With a “just another quick quest” hook, PQ2 is difficult to tear yourself away from.

The graphics have been improved immensely.  Instead of a top down view of the map with a little avatar moving from point to point as your were in the first Puzzle Quest;  this time you’re up close and personal with your character, townspeople, and even your enemies.  You have four character classes to choose from: Barbarian, Templar, Sorcerer, and Assassin, with the option to be either male or female for each class.

The gameplay basics are still the same. Match three or more colored gems to build mana for that color. Match three or more skulls to damage your enemies. Match gauntlets to enable direct attacks with your weapon, or defend yourself. The game uses lots of spells to manipulate the board, damage your enemies, and protect your hero. There are some mini-games that are added in to make things a little interesting.  There’s Bash which is to break through doors.  Disarm! is another clever one that is designed to avoid traps.  There are a few mini games to keep you busy testing your skill.

The world has been condensed to just the village of Verloren located just south of the crumbling spire planted in a frozen lake called ‘The Belltower.’ Underneath the spire is a massive castle called the Iron Citadel. This castle has been quiet for over 500 years, but something is beginning to stir below, and monsters are being seen more and more in the forests near the village.

Your missions will take you back and forth between the castle and the village. The game is lacking the huge world to wander through that the original Puzzle Quest had, but the enhanced graphics upgrade makes up for compressed world in PQ 2. Portals are made available as you progress through the game as you defeat different sub-boss enemies.

Multiplayer is pretty vanilla, you can play on Xbox Live or Local, randomize your character, or play with your created hero. Outside of that, there is not much else you can do but build up your prowess as a dominating player on the leaderboards.

Overall, Puzzle Quest 2 takes you back into the gem matching puzzler genre with more of what you love, and just a little more thrown in. If you liked the first one or like puzzle games in general, it’s a good bet that you’ll enjoy Puzzle Quest 2.

A review code was provided to TMG for the purpose of evaluation and review.


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