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Any child who has played Poptropica online before is sure to recognize the characters within Ubisoft’s new Nintendo DS game, Poptropica Adventures. There is no connection with the online Poptropica and the DS game, but the recognition of the game and the missions make it a selling point for many people. This game allows you to take the characters and three islands with you wherever you may want to travel and play the game on the fly. The customization of the characters and the ease in which you are able to get from island to island is sure to make any child happy to have Poptropica within their hands. While there are only three islands to play with in this version there are plenty of hours to be had for the child who enjoys customizing their character and seeing how that may impact the outcome of the game.

Poptropica Adventures

However, this is where the fun ends. If a child has played Poptropica online before, they are sure to know that there are many different places that they can explore and gain experience from. However the DS version is considerably smaller than the online experience. While you are able to go do the different islands and get costumes for your character, get artifacts for the museum and also play mini-games, this quickly becomes repetitious. There is no leveling up system, however you have to play the mini-games in order to move forward in the game. Sure the curator of the museum wants you to collect the different artifacts but there is no reward for doing so and no given reason as to why you are on the mission to do it for him; other than the fact that he appears to be a forgetful man who has misplaced everything from the museum.

There are very few instructions as to what you are supposed to do in order to move around the different islands. It is true that you can talk to the different characters and they will give you a clue as to where to go, but it is spoken in a code that is extremely difficult to understand. The bright colors and the quick action may do it for some, but many will not find this game enjoyable at all. From the convoluted conversation and the repetitive actions that are required from the mini-games, this game is one that is quickly removed from the DS and passed on.


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