Pinball FX 2: Plants VS Zombies

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Braaaaains: 10/10

Brings the enjoyment of the original arcade game back I Fantastic artstyle

Too easy

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Everyone knows to aim for the head when killing a zombie, but did you know there’s an even more powerful method? Turns out that a combination of plants and metallic pinballs does the trick! Zen Studios recently released their latest infectious Pinball FX2 table paying homage to one of the most popular zombie games to date, Plants VS. Zombies. Based on the popular Popcap tower defense iOS game, the Plants VS. Zombies table delivers with an easy, yet addicting table that will have you grumbling “Braaaaiiiinnnnssss….” before you know it.

The PVZ table is perfect for gamers of all age, even if you haven’t played the iOS or XBLA versions. While playing the table you will see familiar characters like the different kinds of plants, Crazy Dave, and a whole host of zombies. Your goal on the table is to survive the zombie hoards, utilizing collected sunlight, coins, and plants to keep those pesky zombies at bay. Unlike some of the past Pinball FX2 tables, PVZ is easy to navigate. By my second playthrough I was unlocking extra balls and jackpots left and right well into the millions. If you’re going to play this table though, you need to make the commitment to be in it for the long haul because one playthrough can take up to an hour once you learn the tricks of the table.

As you play you will unlock missions which have you dispatching more and more difficult waves of zombies ranging from regular zombies, to football zombies, to the dreaded bucket-head zombies. One such mission has you defeating zombie as they lurk our of the fog, which actually appears on the table itself! These waves don’t take too much effort to survive and reward you with a healthy supply of coins which you can cash in for table upgrades from Crazy Dave.

The visuals and music for this table stay true to the original games. Zombies still shamble and utter the same lines you remember, Crazy Dave still sells you items from his iconic “Twiddydinkies” car, and effects like fog and nighttime return to complete the overall feeling. Another big plus is that the pinball itself is a green pea, just like what the plants in the original game fire at the invading zombies. You’ll also see mailboxes, fences, lawnmowers, and many other objects that you can interact with. There is only one achievement associated with this table and it is fairly simple to unlock. For 50G all you have to do is hit your ball onto the mailbox ramp three times. Learning the timing isn’t difficult at all and you would be surprised at how fast you earn the “You Have Mail” achievement.

My only complaint, and I have to admit that I feel like a snobby rich kid for complaining about this, is that the table isn’t difficult enough. I’ve suffered through rigorous tables like the Iron Man table, or the Street Fighter table, but with the PVZ table you don’t get as much satisfaction from earning a high score because you know that you didn’t have to work very hard to obtain it. Other than that, this table deserves a near-perfect score.

The Plants VS. Zombies table for Pinball FX2 is rated “E for Everyone” and is out now for 240 Microsoft points on Xbox Live Arcade, as well as being available on the Playstation Network. So the next time you receive a mysterious note inviting you outside for some “ice cream and brains”, you might want to bring your pinballs with you.

A copy of Pinball FX2: Plants VS Zombies was provided to the Married Gamers for the purposes of the review.


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    Great, now I want this…badly!

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