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The Story so far…

Paranormal Agency is an iPhone adaptation of G5 Entertainment’s PC game of the same name.  In the game, gamers plays as Heather Mills, the owner and investigator of her own paranormal agency.  She takes over the business for her friend Reilly after his retirement.  Heather is investigating a major increase in paranormal activity in her town taking you through 50+ levels of 5 unique types of hidden object madness.  Along the way you are also exposed to 7 different kinds of mini-games.

My Thoughts

I like puzzle games and the story idea for this game is good.  It has a good B-movie funky soundtrack that you may enjoy for the first hour or so but you may want to start you own music outside of the game to act as a background after the music becomes too repetitive.   The good news is that this, among many other conveniences, is an option for this game.  The developers seem to understand a few things that people find annoying in games and allow for a good amount of flexibility in the way you play your game.

Your first option at the beginning of the game is to choose a timed version of the game or a relaxed version that is untimed.  Allowing for those not wanting to conform to another’s time constraints the untimed gives players the freedom to find their objects at their own pace.  A very thoughtful option, I only wish you could decide to change this option on the fly since some days I like a great challenge and others I would rather chill out and go a little slower.

Other options that allow you to customize your gaming experience include:

–          The ability to skip the story dialog.  While I like a storyline others may want to cut to the chase and get gaming.

–          The ability to skip the mini-games.  I appreciate this feature since I may like a little variety in my gaming but sometimes I can’t figure out the mini-games and just want to move on.  Nothing more frustrating than not being able to continue your game because you can’t master the mini-games.

–          They incorporate the pinch zoom to get a closer look into each environment.

–          You can earn hints by either finding question marks in the rooms or through in-app purchases.  I was able to earn plenty of hints by finding the question marks but the purchase opportunity might be a benefit for some.

–          After each trophy you earn you can click on the icon to share on Facebook but you do not have to wait for the publish screen to load if you don’t click the icon.  Being an iPod Touch owner I appreciate this option since I am not always able to get onto a WiFi network.

All of these options are examples of the thoughtful gaming experience G5 has given us.  Now for the things I would recommend they update.

My Wish List

–          I know the screen is small on the iPhone and this game is trying to have a B-movie macabre feel to it but I would love to see a bit more contrast in the environments.  They are all dark and if you can’t crank the brightness up enough or there is any glare on the screen you will find yourself blindly tapping to find those last few objects.

–          On the levels where you need to find “translucent objects”…. Please make those objects a bit more visible.  Beef up the object so it appears to be more that a tiny blurry stain on the screen.  I know my eyes are not the greatest but these levels were where I had to spend most of my hint points.

–          The list of objects to be found could be scrollable.  The game now has only a few objects visible at a time.  I would like to be able to scroll through the rest of the list if I can’t find the first few objects right away.

–          Explain the object of the mini-games in more depth.  I am embarrassed to admit I have no idea how to complete some of the min-games offered in this game.  I would get the mini-game to a point I thought was complete and nothing would happen.  I was obviously missing something but I have no idea what.  Thank goodness for the “skip mini-game” option.


I thought the idea behind this game was good and the execution of its gameplay features were well thought out.  I appreciate all of the options they allow for a custom gaming experience.  My wish list may seem long but there is so much good in the game that I want it to become great.  If you imagine yourself a ghostbuster and love finding hidden objects than try this game.

Married Gamers Grading Score:  C+


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