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Celebrating 30 years of Pac-Man; Namco-Bandai released the follow up to Pac-Man Championship Edition with Pac-Man Championship Edition DX.  The sequel is a super-charged high speed experience much like its predecessor that came out a few years ago.  Actually, with just a couple of notable exceptions, it’s pretty much the same game that was released in 2007.

Sure the music and shape of the mazes were changed up. They wouldn’t have wanted to bring out the exact same game as before, but the feel of it just wasn’t any different to me. They did add a couple of new pieces to the game play that was interesting. First of all, now you have bombs. Bombs help you get out of sticky situations when you’re trapped and can’t get away from the horde of ghosts (more on that in a minute) hunting you down. Simply tap the B button and the ghosts are all sent back to the ‘home’ box. This is a great feature when you’re going for the ‘No Mistakes’ achievement and get caught in a bad spot. It’s a bad day when you find out you’re out of bombs though.

The other main new feature is the multiple ghosts. Sure you still have the four main adversaries as in the past. Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde are now joined by a host of sleeping ghosts. These ghosts activate once you race past them in your eternal dot chomping quest. This creates one of the biggest Conga lines you’ll see behind you as they relentlessly chase you down. For the most part, they basically follow the same path as you, with slight shortcuts taken from time to time depending on how far behind you they are and the path you take. The original four ghosts will follow a less predictable pattern, however, passing close by them too, will force them into the line. This helps create a much longer chain of ghosts behind you. Eating a power pellet and then hitting a 70+ combo of ghosts eaten is exceptionally satisfying.

One other little feature they tossed in was slow-motion visual effects that activate when you get too close to a ghost and you’re about to be caught. This gives you just a little edge to find a way to escape. It may not always help, but at least you get to see your demise in great slow-mo.

The game features a lot of different new looks to try to fit to your visual tastes. From a LEGO type maze to a three-dimensional look (that I really didn’t like at all) to the classic 2-D style, the game has a lot of bright colors and fast action. The score attack mode is a simple timed mode where you score as many points as you possibly can in the time limit provided. While my best appears to be modest compared to the high scores on LIVE, I felt somewhat accomplished when I could blow through expert and get to the end of the time limit. The time trial modes are quick and simple to play. You simply collect the required number of objects that appear when you finish one side of the maze to beat the level.

The achievements are pretty quick and painless to obtain. You can probably do it in once sitting. As you progress, just try the game on different visual styles. Getting the points required on some of the achievements might take a time or two to get down, but ultimately, it’s pretty simple. My most difficult one was getting the “No Mistakes” achievement. There’s nothing quite as frustrating being within 20 seconds of finishing the level when you get caught without any bombs and nowhere to go.

Overall, Pac-Man Championship Edition DX is a good pick up and play game when you only have a little time before you need to be doing something else. Like reviewing another game, or doing homework that you should be doing instead. It doesn’t bring a ton of new feel to the game, but then again, it’s Pac-Man, so you shouldn’t expect a lot of difference anyway. Also, considering most of the new games out these days are costing you 1200 ($15) MS Points, it’s refreshing to see this game at just 800 ($10). Whether or not it’s worth the ten bucks for some new achievements is up to you.


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