Orcs Must Die! 2

9 Overall Score

Exciting co-op, endless replayability, witty dialogue, endless trap combinations, totally addictive and FUN

Co-op partner pretty much required to play the higher difficulty levels

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Robot Entertainment’s Orcs Must Die! 2, now available on Steam, brings a herd of new orcs to slay, a redesigned spell book, and something everyone has been begging for…co-op!   The War Mage returns from the original Orcs Must Die!, and after all the rifts were closed down has found himself a job as a miner.  Longing for a break from the monotony of his life and for the thrill of smashing orcs again, he is thrilled when a new rift opens up.  A slightly reformed Evil Sorceress emerges from the rift with a slew of orcs close behind her, forcing the two to team up and work together to hold them back.

There are 15 stages in the game and each requires you to lay traps and fight to defend your portal from the orcs who are escaping a rift, or in some stages multiple rifts.  The money you have to spend on traps is limited.  Money is earned for every orc you slay and you are given as much time as you need between waves of orcs to continue to lay more traps and beef up your defenses.  You are told at the start of each level which types of orcs will be coming your way, but you have no idea what order they will come out in so I found it’s best to save some coins in case you need to adjust your plan in the middle of a wave.  With over 20 enemies ranging from easy to kill, to larger enemies who divide into even more enemies when attacked you really need a good plan.  Luckily you have hand held weapons at your disposal as well, because your traps alone will not be able to hold back the hordes of orcs.   Trial and error is your best friend in Orcs Must Die! 2, so don’t feel bad if you have to go back, try again, and readjust your plan of attack.

In addition to earning coins from your orc slaughtering you will earn skulls along the way, allowing you to purchase new traps, and weapons, and upgrade your items as well.  Skulls are dropped in-game and are also awarded to you at the end of each level. There are more than 50 traps, weapons, and guardians  to unlock. The traps range from spikes, to acid sprayers and everything in between.  Guardians can be very helpful as they provide melee, or long-distance attacks, but are easily defeated by the hordes of orcs.  Luckily they reset after each wave, and at least hold the orcs back for a bit.

There are also trinkets that can be purchased to increase things such as your trap reloading time or your health.  The amount of options there are can be extremely overwhelming, but fear not as you can reset your selections when not in a game. This gives you back all of your skulls and you can switch things around until you find your perfect combination of weapons, trinkets, and traps to inflict maximum pain on those unruly orcs. After completing a level you can go back and play it in Endless mode as well, which is a great way to earn more skulls.

Co-op mode is a new addition to Orcs Must Die! 2 and it is my absolute favorite way to play. Having two players using both of the characters provides maximum benefits as they each have their own unique weapons and traps at their disposal. I selected the Sorceress, not just because she was sarcastic and adorable, but because I prefer to battle at a safe range. Her long range weapons are great for freezing hard to kill orcs, or charming enemies into attacking each other. The War Mage is a close range fighter with lots of awesome melee weapons, cool mechanical items, and a dwarven hammer that will turn even the toughest of orcs into a pile of orc mush. The banter between the War Mage and the Sorceress is also extremely entertaining.

When you play co-op it is much easier to handle the waves of orcs that come at you. Each player is given their own coins to spend, and I found that when each person takes their own side of the map it seems to be much easier to defend the portals. You can always run over and help your partner when they get stuck, or mock them if their defenses weren’t as great as yours.  I found playing co-op much easier than playing solo as tackling some of the stages can be very overwhelming when you’re just getting started.  Trying to cover multiple rift openings alone with minimal traps is tough, leaving you running back and forth to try and kill the orcs that leak past your defenses on your own.  It’s much better to have a partner to share the orc slaughtering work load.

Playing solo is do-able, and fun, and they offer three different levels of difficulty.  I started off playing the medium War Mage difficulty and quickly switched down to Apprentice when I realized I was never going to make it through. I’m not even sure how people survive the hardest Nightmare level alone, as I can barely get through a level on War Mage difficulty unless I am playing in co-op.  If all that isn’t enough to keep you entertained there is a new Endless mode which can be played alone or with a co-op partner.  In this mode you will battle through hordes of orcs in waves of increasing difficulty.  This is a great way to earn more skulls to help you unlock extra traps and weapons.

With two very different characters to play as, and the variety of game play modes, Orcs Must Die! 2 has infinite replayabliity options. At the low price of $14.99 (USD) this is not a game you will be able to find any excuse to pass on. For more information on Orcs Must Die! 2 check out their website here and you can pick the game up on Steam by clicking here.

A copy of Orcs Must Die! 2 was provided to The Married Gamers for review.


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