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MySims SkyHeroes is the first non-Nintendo console offering in the MySims franchise. In it you take to the skies in your customizable plane in many bright and wonderfully colorful settings from tropical islands to industrial parks. Playing as an ace pilot suffering from amnesia, the main character is adopted by a group of fighter pilots fighting against the evil Morcubus and his drone army. Though initially fun this game has a very superficial and unengaging story and it’s lengthy mission setups almost always boiled down to races or dogfights.

This was my first exposure to any of the MySims family of games. The characters were cute and attracted my son and daughters’ attention from the beginning. All of the dialog is subtitled and is voiced in is Simlish, the gibberish sounding language of the MySims. Initially, I found the use of Simlish to be clever; a long string of Simlish was spoken for just a single word “Sure”, or 4 lines of written text summed up in three gibberish syllables. But this grew old quickly. Once I realized the story was so sparse and loose, I started clicking through all the dialog as quickly as I could.

There is a fair amount of customization available for both of the Sim and the plane. As you progress through the story more plane parts and Sim costumes become available. Further into the story performance upgrades to the plane are unlocked I didn’t find any of the upgrades to the wings or speed made much of an impact. One major shortcoming was the limit of only one Sim allowed in the game. Once I chose the gender of my character, I was stuck. Because I setup the Sim with my daughter, I went with a very girly girl completely decked out in pink.  When I played with my son, he was sorely disappointed he couldn’t make a boy character.

As for the game-play, it was fun. The plane handled very well and there was little to no penalization. You could crash the plane into walls, volcanoes, trees with very slight, if any, damage. The planes are always equipped with both missiles and machine guns with myriad floating power-ups providing offensive and defensive boosts. If you are taken out by your opponents, respawning is immediate and close.

Playing on my PS3 I couldn’t find anywhere the console was pushed or maximized over the smaller or less powerful consoles. I would’ve played the multi-player options, but my multiple attempts to play anyone online all failed, because there appear to be very few, if any active players.

I really wanted this game to be fun and play it a lot with my son. It was fun for the first few hours, but then it became very repetitive and uninspired. But my biggest clue was my son, who hasn’t even mentioned playing this game again. He said he it was boring, and he didn’t like that he couldn’t be a boy. I agree, this game was fun at fit, but ultimately it lacks the charm and hook of other racing/battle franchises.

A copy of MySims SkyHeroes was given to The Married Gamers for review and evaluation.


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