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msa_wii_temple_8__bmp_jpgcopy MySims Agents for the Nintendo Wii is the fifth entry in EA’s MySims franchise. Not counting the Racing and Party games, the MySims games have gone from the open-ended game play of the original to a more linear and focused gameplay of MySims Agents. This change works well for the series as MySims Agents is the best in the series so far.

  In MySims Agents, you control, once again, a custom MySim avatar who happens to be a hotshot local detective. With your best friend named Buddy by your side, your character sets off on a quest to not only become a Special Agent but to also uncover the diabolical scheme of the nefarious Morcubus and his sinister operation at Morcucorp. Along your journey of corporate intrigue, you’ll visit various locales such as a ski resort, a mansion in the bayou, a beach, a junkyard, and other themed venues. Each area has one major case that builds upon the overarching story and side quests that unlock new items and paints for your headquarters. The cast of characters should be instantly familiar to players of previous MySims games but there are a few new characters as well that I won’t spoil. Suffice to say, all the typical MySims charm is still present in this game.



Unlike previous games, MySims Agents is not collecting essences and building things for other characters. This game has a more focused approach. You typically talk to someone who gives clues, you then investigate those clues, which in turn, give more clues until you eventually end up solving the case. Your character has a few tools at your disposal such a magnifying glass for checking footprints, a crowbar for smashing things, and a wrench for either fixing things or salvaging parts from broken items. Each of these tools will be upgraded as the game goes along. Your most used tool will be your notebook which keeps track of all the clues you’ve collected and can be used as a reminder of what you need to be looking for in case you forget what you’re supposed to be doing. Once you become a secret agent, you’ll have the power to hire other agents to work for you. You can send your other agents out in groups of 3 to solve other cases. Solving these cases nets your player more items and paints to use in your headquarters.

 msa_temple_bmp_jpgcopy MySims Agents starts off very easy to get players accustomed to the formula they’ll be using for the rest of the game. By the time the game ends, roughly 10 hours later, the difficulty of the game will have jumped considerably. The most difficult parts come in the form of minigames. While doing investigations, you’ll have to hack computers, pick locks, scan the molecular breakdown of evidence, or repair broken items. To do these things, you play a minigame. These are light fare in the beginning but they get increasingly more difficult as the game goes on. Seeing as the franchise is aimed towards a younger demographic, the difficulty of the minigames may be too much for the intended audience. If you get this game for kids, be prepared to help solve some pretty intense puzzles involving gears, belts, wires, and mirrors. The challenges with give adults a run for their money. The platforming can also be troubling at times. There isn’t any dying from falling from high platforms but missing jumps means having to do an entire series of climbing all over again which can be annoying if you have to do it multiple times.

MySims Agents is definitely a very enjoyable game. Despite the cute aesthetic, players of any age can have a good time playing it. It’s a game that’s just not “good for a Wii game.” It’s just a solid good game for any system. Don’t judge this book by its cover. Those with an itch to uncover mysteries should definitely take this case. 

MySims Agents for the Nintendo Wii is rated E for Everyone and is available on store shelves now.  A copy of this game was provided by Electronic Arts for review and evaluation purposes of The Married Gamers website.


Married Gamers Grade: A-


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