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by Brandy Jordan

For Splosion Man, the cake was indeed a lie. The scientists at Big Science couldn’t celebrate his capture for long because a spilled bottle of bubbly in turn created his feminine half, Ms. Splosion Man. Twisted Pixel comes back at us with an equally wacky and ridiculous sequel to Splosion Man, which in 2009 Microsoft named Best Original Game on Xbox LIVE Arcade. You go through the three map areas trying to escape and find Splosion Man. The worlds are Big Science City, Big Resort, and Big Factory. After a long and arduous journey Ms. Splosion Man finds her beau, only to encounter additional resistance. I must give it to the team at Twisted Pixel; the ending was just as unique and wacky as the rest of the game. The implementation of the “Splodin and You” tutorial videos were hilarious, and every single time I see the yellow Ms. Splosion Man in multiplayer I automatically think of poor Debbie.

Splosion Man and now Ms. Splosion Man rely heavily on near perfect timing and if you don’t get it perfect you definitely suffer, either by dying and starting over or working your way up from bottom of the puzzle (and even this sometimes doesn’t work because of switches or numerous other things). This is on the fly platforming and puzzle solving at its best though, if you like games where you have to make snap decisions almost without notice. In Chapter 2-12 there was a section where I could not get past it because each time the bridge after the two power switches did not appear. I landed on it about two out of twenty times; both times it wasn’t even visible on screen. This game is best played trial and error in mind; even with this mentality it can get seriously exhausting during particularly hard levels. After dying so many times you can skip to the next checkpoint. If you do cheat to the next checkpoint, you’ll get treated to “Badonkadonk” throughout the rest of the level, a time penalty, no coins, and those sad Ms. Splosion Man eyes. You can also find hidden shoes throughout the levels that when found she will wear them for the rest of the chapter.

The soundtrack to the game is alright, if you’re not in the pause menu or have recently skipped to the next checkpoint. The pause menu song isn’t necessarily a negative thing; in fact it’s quite humorous but it’s redundant, and you notice this because of the song lyrics. “Badonkadonk” is played after you skip to the next checkpoint while it’s funny the first 30 seconds you hear it, after that it is just horrid. I thought it would play for the first minute of the level but it plays for the entire thing and much to my dismay it gets stuck in your head which may be the point. Ms. Splosion Man‘s song references, movie references and commentary throughout the game are quite hilarious I must admit.

The multiplayer is frustrating and very difficult unless you are playing with someone you know or someone that has consistent timing. Most people do not play with headsets on for communication, and if they do (as with most online multiplayer) you may not want to be subject to what they have to say. Playing with any more than two people becomes a nightmare and people can lose track of their character too easily, among numerous other issues (generally related to people not paying attention). This game moves too fast for it to have more than two people playing; when you do make it to the end you feel like you accomplished something, the more Splosion ladies you have in a match the harder it gets. In addition to the single player shoes (47) there are 50 additional shoes to find in multiplayer. If you do happen to make it all the way to the end, you’ll be rewarded with an entirely different ending than the single player campaign.

The world maps are reminiscent of Super Mario Bros. and some of the level set up reminded me a little of Sonic the Hedgehog. You can lose track of her too easily in the backgrounds, especially the areas where you are jumping from space ship to space ship. The cutscenes you’ll want to pay attention to as usual because they reveal helpful in-game information or lead up to a boss battle, you can skip them however if you’ve seen them before. The option of going through a level with ghost replays, either downloaded from the leaderboards, your friends, or your own previous playthroughs is there too.

The Mall is a brilliant idea; it reminds me of the Krypt in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance and the new Mortal Kombat but obviously more PG. I’m not sure if I’m a fan of using in game coins to buy Avatar Awards (although I do like that Twisted Pixel even included them), In the Mall you can unlock the 2 Girls 1 Controller, in which one controller controls two Splosion ladies. You can also unlock art, videos, themes and numerous other things all with the coins you receive completing levels in the game. Overall, I did enjoy the game but I can’t see a casual gamer or child suffering through the fast paced trial and error puzzles and platforming (especially if they are not used to playing this type of game).


A copy of Ms. Splosion Man was sent to TMG for the purpose of evaluation and review.


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