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Exploding off the bumpers and flippers comes Ms. Splosion Man, the sassy character you have grown to love from Ms. Splosion Man, now in pinball form! Zen Studios, the maker of Pinball FX2, has recently released a Ms. Splosion Man table, celebrating the success of the Ms. Splosion Man game which debuted earlier this summer.

If you’ve already played the Ms. Splosion Man arcade game, then you will feel right at home with this table. Using familiar bright pink, blue, and neon colors, the Ms. Splosion Man table is an art piece within itself. Starting off you will recognize many memorable characters from the original arcade game, spread around the pinball table. The plot of the table is that you must save Splosion Man from the evil robot, Mighty Eternal, which just so happens to be the same plot as the arcade game! Along the way you will blast through force fields, scientists, barrels, robots, and many more treacherous obstacles. Lucky for us though, Ms. Splosion Man is just as dangerous, yet still as dainty as a flower. They don’t call her Ms. Splosion Man for nothing!  Upon launching my first ball, to my surprise she began to sing “If You Wanna Be My Lover” by the Spice Girls. She loves to dance around the screen, even doing the Charleston and the Macarena. There were times where I was losing track of what was going on, just because I kept looking at Ms. Splosion Man to see what she was doing. The music we love from the arcade also returns making this an enjoyable experience.


Out of all the tables to date, this one takes the cake for easiest to accumulate points. On my first ball I got to 48 million points. That’s leaps and bounds above what my total score is on most of the other tables! The layout of the table is easy to adapt to and you shouldn’t have a problem keeping the ball in play. There are conveyor belts on the sides of the table, acting as kickbacks, and you can even earn a green barrel that will blast your ball back out if it falls down the middle. There are 4 different ramps located at the top middle of the map that each give you big points when you access them. If you go up the spiral ramp 3 times, you will get a point bonus. Collect the letters Z-I-P and you will get to shoot the ball down the zip line. If you collect the letters C-A-N-N-O-N it will also unlock a cannon. Fire the cannon at the right moment and you can earn some serious points! Eventually, you will begin to lock your balls on the left-most ramp, preparing you for multiball. Multiball is where you will earn the majority of your points, so I suggest you aim for the left ramp early and often. You can also hit the ball at The Mighty Eternal, gaining points for sending explosions his way. Another opportunity you want to watch out for is when pink barrels appear on the screen, start aiming at them. These cause explosions and can often net you some major points. Glass panes will also appear on the screen from time to time, so make sure you aim for those as well.

The achievements for this table are rather easy to get, depending on how lucky you get with your pinball aiming. For defeating The Mighty Eternal you will earn 30G, a feat that isn’t too difficult. Also, if you play the table for an hour or two you should be able to get the 5G “Sploded!” achievement for causing 100 explosions. Complete a Kicker combo and you can also net 15G. Compared to the other pinball tables, I think this one is the easiest to get achievements for.

The Ms. Splosion Man Pinball FX2 table is a welcome addition to the PinballFX2 family. With her cheeky moves, big explosions, and hilarious antics, I have no problem in suggesting that you download this table, out now for only 240 Microsoft points. Do you have what it takes to save Splosion Man and bring down The Mighty Eternal?

A download code for the Ms. Splosion Man Pinball FX2 table was provided to TMG for the purpose of evaluation and review.


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