Monster Jam: Path of Destruction

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I’m not a huge fan of Monster trucks like the rest of America. I never quite understood the fascination with watching raised trucks jump over ramps and race around circle tracks. That is, until I witnessed the action of Monster Jam first hand and found that a part of me actually enjoys watching. Monster Jam: Path of Destruction is the perfect game for the child and racing fan in all of us. In the game you compete in competitions all across the United States, from Houston, to Orlando, to Oakland, unlocking new Monster trucks, decals, and events. Included in the game is 30 officially licensed trucks, including Gravedigger, El Toro Loco, and Grinder. You can even create your own Monster truck by customizing the body, color, and decals! My favorite was my manly pink triceratops truck with flame decals.

At the main menu you can start a career or jump online to play in a multiplayer game. Despite my best efforts, I was never able to join up with anyone and came to the conclusion that not enough people have the game and play it online on the DS. In career mode, stadium races and freestyle events make up the bulk of the game, but there is enough variety within it to keep you entertained. Included are circuit races, team races, gate rush, time crunch and stunt challenges. I really enjoyed the freestyle portions and always played those first once I unlocked a new stadium. The game also includes a very detailed tutorial section which shows you how to perform each of the tricks included in the game. I greatly appreciated this because I had no clue what to do once I started freestyle other than jump off ramps and do donuts.

Included in the games is an XP system which helps drive your thirst for victory. Winning races, coming in 1st in freestyle events, and even just participating in events nets you points. As you pass from level to level you begin to unlock more and more items and events. Your trucks also are upgraded as you level up, increasing the speed and boost of your engine. It took me a few days to max out my level at 20 which I thought could have been higher, but the XP system still brought me back for more every time.

The controls and graphics are what brought this game down. I thought that this game really didn’t look like a DS title to me and felt disappointed in its presentation. The controls felt a little jittery, especially during races. Often times I would have to jam the d-pad down to turn the way I wanted it to turn, while other times it felt like the truck was too easily flipping over with the tiniest tap of a button. I would have liked the controls to be a bit more consistent between events. Also, the fact that your truck “respawns” with the push of a button without any penalty made the game feel less real. I really wanted to see my truck flip over and have the canopy rip off.

For a Monster truck game I had a lot of fun playing Monster Jam: Path of Destruction. The game appeals to things that all racing fans love and more, giving you a chance to create your own Monster truck and race it across America. For those of you with children who love racing, I would highly recommend this title.

A copy of Monster Jam: Path of Destruction was provided to The Married Gamers for review and evaluation.


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