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Monopoly.  One word says it all.  Whenever any of us think of a board game, most of us think of Monopoly, possibly the most popular game of the last century.  Monopoly was first published by Parker Brothers in 1935 and over the years there have been countless versions and variations all with their unique style and flair.  Monopoly is also not limited to a board as there have been over a dozen video games based off the popular board game.  These games can be found on almost all of the major consoles from as early as the NES all the way up to the current generation of consoles.  Monopoly Streets is the newest entry in the franchise and it takes Monopoly were it’s never been before, into a 3D environment.

There’s really no point in going into detail about how the traditional Monopoly is played as most of us are already very familiar with the game already.  Aside from the traditional mode though, Monopoly Streets does have some alternate game modes which add a twist to the gameplay. Some of these game modes include Speed Die (adds one extra die) and Bull Market (auctions off properties at the beginning of the game and limits the game to 20 rounds) among others.  Although adding more depth to the game, these extra modes aren’t that special and after a couple games, you will find yourself going back to the traditional game mode, but I guess that’s just a testament to just how great a game the original Monopoly is.

Even though Monopoly Streets offers many different game modes, one mode in particular is highlighted, the 3D “Streets” mode.  This game mode is really the heart and soul of Monopoly Streets and brings the flat board game into a 3-dimensional city where the buildings spring right up from the ground.  At first, this tweak to the traditional game seemed special and super entertaining, but after a few games and further examination, this mode is far from perfect.  Although the game board is set up in a 3D environment, the graphics are pretty standard and quite boring, but what makes it worse is that in order to generate this game world, the game takes a while to load.

Although the load times are not terrible, when you are playing a fast paced game like Monopoly, you expect the game to move quickly rather than making you sit and wait.  The 3D world baord is not bad, but after playing this mode for a few games, I found myself going back to play the standard/flat Monopoly game board instead.

One great feature offered in Monopoly Streets is the ability to play online with up to 4 people via Xbox LIVE.  This is a welcomed addition to the game series as the previous Monopoly game had no online support which was a real shame.  The online connectivity works just great with little to no lag and works just how you would expect it to so there’s no complaints here.

As with all 360 games, Monopoly Streets has achievements which total 1000 gamerscore and for the most part, most can be unlocked within a couple hours.  Simply by playing some games with a second controller, you can fulfill the requirements for many achievements, but there are a couple that may cause some problems.  One of the frustrating achievements requires you to roll a 15 with 3 dice (e.g. 6 + 6 + 3) and I’ll tell you, it’s harder than it looks.  It took me personally 3 hours of just rolling dice until I finally got this achievement to unlock, but it is based entirely on luck so it may not be a problem for some.  There are a few online achievements as well, but all are pretty simple and can be boosted with a partner in under an hour.  Overall, the achievement list for Monopoly Streets is pretty straight forward and shouldn’t take too long to max out.

Hands down, Monopoly Streets is easily the best Monopoly game on a video game console today, but unfortunately, that’s not saying much.  The game of Monopoly itself is very simple which is probably the reason why it’s remained popular over the last 75 years, but there are certain things that we’ve come to expect from video games and unfortunately, Monopoly Streets doesn’t hit on all the marks. It’s nice to see Monopoly with online support, finally, but the game needs a little bit more polish on the graphical and sound qualities as well as having shorter load times.

Hopefully in the next entry in the Monopoly video game franchise, we will see some of these problems addressed, but until then, Monopoly Streets is the best Monopoly on the shelves today and should not be overlooked simply because of its flaws.  If you absolutely love the game of Monopoly and are aching to play it on a video game console, then Monopoly Streets is the perfect game for you and you won’t be disappointed, I promise.

A copy of Monopoly: Streets was provided to TMG for the purpose of evaluation and review.


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