Modern Warfare 3 Content Drop #3

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Finally some Spec Ops DLC/ Bigger levels

Camper heavy map

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April has hit and for those of you keeping track, we’re not even halfway through the Call of Duty: ELITE content season. Recently released was the newest content for Modern Warfare 3, including a new multiplayer map and two new Spec Ops missions. In addition to this content, ELITE non-subscribers now have access to all the previous maps including Liberation, Piazza, and Overwatch. For reviews of the previous maps click on the links at the bottom of this article.

Black Box

Continuing with the style of releasing a new map with each pack, “Black Box” is the newest map to add to your collection. Black Box takes place in a wartorn suburbia complete with ravaged buildings and flaming wreckage from a downed airplane. This map is perfect for snipers and offers lots of protection as long as you stay indoors. Shotgun classes also do great on this map if you stay along the perimeter, inside buildings, or inside the plane. Trekking around the open ground outside is going to get you killed fast, so make sure you stick to the outskirts of the level. This level can get irritating at times with the amount of people sniping and camping, but if you work as a team to clear out the buildings you should come out on top.

If you want a real challenge play this map with the Kill Confirmed gametype. With people sniping from the inside of buildings it makes it hard to run out into the open to grab tags. If you are going to go out into the open make sure you take a Riot shield with you or have a partner to back you up. Black Box is perfect for Team Objective matches and larger team games.

In Survival mode, Black Box is one of the easier maps. With so many buildings to hide in, you have lots of possible hiding places. Stock up on claymores and try to hunker down in one of the more secure buildings. There are a lot of routes in and out of buildings so be conscious of where your enemies are going to spawn from. I really enjoy this map for Survival and keep coming back to it every time I play Spec Ops.

Black Ice

Taking the snowmobile action from Modern Warfare 2 and bringing it into Modern Warfare 3, Black Ice is one heck of a ride. One player controls the snowmobile while the other player shoots at enemies from the rear. Barreling down the mountain you will dodge enemy snowmobiles, launch off ramps, smash through soldiers on foot, and try not to careen over the edge to your death. Once you reach the bottom of the slopes your mission is to infiltrate and destroy the enemy base. Once inside though it’s an all-out sprint to the exit to escape the self-destruct sequence. This mission is action packed and will have you coming back for more. In addition to earning an achievement for completing the mission, you can also try to beat it on veteran and earn an achievement for running 13 people over with your snowmobile.



Negotiator is another mission that will get your blood pumping. Set in the same location as the campaign’s Persona Non Grata mission, Negotiator is a co-op mission that starts with one player as a hostage, and about to be executed. It’s up to the other player to save them and then rescue the rest of the hostages. Be careful though, because it is possible to fail this mission from the start if you aren’t fast enough. Let too many hostages die and you will fail the mission as well. Save all the hostages and you get an achievement! Negotiator is a real challenge because if you aren’t quick enough the enemies will execute the hostages regardless of how many enemies you kill. It’s all about speed and knowing where the hostages are. The veteran difficulty doesn’t pose much of a challenge if you don’t feel guilty with the loss of a few hostages, but if you’re going for hostage survival you might want to try this mission on a lower difficulty.

With Black Box, Black Ice, and Negotiator this latest release for Modern Warfare 3 is the biggest and most well-rounded drops to date. Content Collection #1 is available for download now for everyone. Stay tuned for more info on April’s content, Sanctuary and Foundation, two more maps we all can look forward to downloading.

To see our reviews of the rest of the first Content Collection click the links below.

Drop #1: Liberation/Piazza

Drop #2: Overwatch


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