MARVEL vs CAPCOM 3: Fate of Two Worlds

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The wait has been a long and painful one, but it’s finally over, MARVEL vs CAPCOM 3 has arrived! It’s literally been 12 years since MARVEL vs CAPCOM 2 hit arcades and since then, it’s been released on multiple home consoles including the Xbox LIVE market place.  Over the years, the MvC series has generated a huge fan base so it’s only natural that there are huge expectations for MvC3.  Does MvC3 meet those expectations? Is this the game at all MARVEL vs CAPCOM fans have been waiting for?  Read on to find out.


Over the years, the focus of the MARVEL vs CAPCOM series has been pitting Marvel Comics’ greatest heroes and villains against video game developer, Capcom’s most famous characters.  MvC3 is no different and offers the same concept as the previous entries.  The game is set up with battles being 3 vs 3 and still has the flashy hyper combos that we’ve all grown to love from the previous entries.  Although MvC3 retains all the formulas that make the MVC series unique and special, one thing stands out as “different” from the moment you lay your eyes upon it and that’s the game’s visual art style.


The MvC series has always has amazing visuals and has really pushed the limit on what fighting games could look like so it’s no surprise that MvC3 continues to impress us with it’s graphics.  Based off the same game engine that was used for Resident Evil 5, MvC3 ditches the 2D sprites used in the previous games and instead, uses 3D characters which looks very similar to Street Fighter IV.  Although the character models are 3-dimensional now, the game is still set on a 2D traditional battlefield which makes the classic MvC gameplay still carry over into this generation.  The graphics displayed here in MvC3 are some of the best seen in a fighting game to date and will set the bar high for all fighters to come.


One topic that’s always talked about when a new MvC game is released is its list of playable characters.  The MvC series has always prided itself on the massive collection of characters that are available to choose from and MvC3 is no exception although the list this time is a little bit smaller than previous entries.  In MvC3 there are a total of 36 characters which is kind of a let down as the previous game had 56, but the characters that are available are really cool.  Of course you have your guaranteed MvC characters such as Spider-man, Ryu, Wolverine, Ironman and Captain America, but also joining them this time are Deadpool, Chris Redfield, Haggar and many others.  Many people will be upset as a lot of their favorite characters did not make the cut this time around, but the 36 characters that are available are really fun to play with and that’s what counts.  And let’s not forget, that there’s always potential DLC so our favorite characters may not be gone for too long.


One of the main selling points with any fighting game is the ability to play with your friends online and MvC3 does not disappoint.  The game runs really smooth online and there is little to no lag which is every gamers dream.  The online is not flawless however, for some reason, the spectator mode is not available at all so when you are in a lobby waiting for your turn to fight, you can’t see the match that is playing.  Maybe to eliminate lag, they had to cut the spectator mode, but it should be available as on option to turn on or off, maybe with an update the developers can correct this.


The achievements are not too bad in MvC3, but if you want to unlock them all, you’re gonna have a long road ahead of you.  As is typical with fighting games on the 360, the majority of the achievements are quite easy to obtain, but massive skill is involved if you want to max the game out.  In MvC3, you can gain about 800-900 gamerscore without too much problem as you just need to beat the game with each of the 36 players and unlock all galleries which will come as you go for the wins.

There are some online achievements as well, but they are easily boostable with a friend and shouldn’t take too long.  Once  you have the majority of the achievements, you should back away as the last remaining will take much time and patience as you need to complete all of the character missions.  These missions are not missions at all as they are just intricate combos that the game wants you to land.  There is no penalty for mistakes and you have unlimited time to perform these combos, but the complexity of some of them will really put the most skilled MvC player to the test.  Overall, not too bad of a list, especially for a fighting game.


Yes! MvC3 is finally here and it’s been well worth the wait.  Even though the game is not perfect, it still manages to reboot the series with new life into the new generation of video games.  As with any franchise with a huge fan base, there are sure to be disappointments especially with the character listings, but once you accept the game as a whole and understand what it brings to the fighting genre, you will too appreciate the beauty that is MARVEL vs CAPCOM 3.  It’s not a perfect game, but as far a fighting games goes, this is about as perfect as I have seen.  If  you are a fan of fighting games or Marvel Comics, you owe it to yourself to pick this game up and give it a try, you won’t be disappointed, I promise.


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