Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth

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Nice Graphics and Audio | Great for Avengers fans | Good Cardio Workout

Can get Physically Tiring and Repetitive

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I recently checked out Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth, the new Marvel fighting game for the Xbox 360 Kinect. While I have previously spent a lot of time appreciating how all the Avengers have a way of filling out their spandex outfits and was excited to get my hands on them…I mean…the game… having a son who is a budding comic book geek has recently given me much more insight into the characters and series.

When I first heard about Battle for Earth, like most other fans I assumed it was going to be a tie-in to the blockbuster movie. Instead, Ubisoft acquired the cancelled title from THQ and took it in a different direction. The final release is instead tied to the Marvel comic books that the movies are based on (though the movie costumes ARE unlockable in the game), so the game’s story actually comes straight from Marvel’s popular Secret Invasion storyline.

The gist of the story is that a group of shapeshifting aliens called Skrulls have invaded planet Earth and are impersonating all kinds of heroes and villains to try and take over the world. Time to call in the Avengers.! The story in Battle for Earth is a little on the light side, with quick comic book style cutscenes every few missions in Campaign mode, but the setup works great as a way to explain away why heroes are fighting heroes and villains are fighting villains.

I’ve played my fair share of Kinect games, but usually it involves finding my groove on the virtual dance floor. I haven’t pretended to be a superhero since I was a little girl with a towel tied around my neck, running around in my Wonder Woman Underoos. Battle for Earth brought back all those memories. Each of the game’s twenty characters have simple punch, kick, and dodge moves, as well as three character specific super attacks. The super attacks are all pulled off with two-stage motions, like pulling back Hawkeye’s bowstring before letting a volley of arrows fly or raising Thor’s hammer above his head before smashing it to the ground and bringing the thunder. After building up enough of a charge, you can jump up in the air to activate an Ultra move, which is an over the top attack that has you shouting a battle cry at the screen, knocking the other guy high in the air and then frantically punching the crap out of him before he hits the ground.

The graphics and the sounds in the game are great. It feels like playing an interactive version of Mortal Kombat, except with Avengers characters. After a few rounds of punching furiously I fell to the ground, not defeated by my enemy…just by my lack of stamina. My son jumped in and did some kind of amazing dance punch movements and acted as though the following hour of non-stop punching was just a walk in the park. This game is great for anyone who likes the Avengers, is looking for a good upper body workout, or has anger management issues and is looking to release some pent up frustration by punching the air.


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