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Itty Bitty colored balls, rolling down the track. Up to the bug and into the rack! Clearly there is only one game I could be busting this rhyme about, and that’s Luxor. A wonderful little trip through ancient Egypt with nothing but a bag of marbles at your side and the big city… well, there isn’t any big city, so just put those thoughts out of your mind. Here, it’s all about the yellows and tans of Ra’s world.
Luxor is a creative little casual title from Mumbo Jumbo. The goal of the game is simple – colored marbles roll down a chute, and you must prevent them from reaching the exit. Preventing them is done by the only one possible action that could possibly make any sense – firing marbles from a small… winged… sliding… thing… into the chute, so that they fill in the rows and make color matches. If the balls reach the end point – it’s game over for you and your friend, the Winged Unmentionable.

While the game originated on computers, it has translated to the iPhone quite well. It even ships with a handful of different input schemes, including tilt the device or slide your finger to move the scarab.

Around and around and around...

Luxor is certainly a fun game, however its balance is not the greatest. It’s usually best to slowly ramp up both difficulty and gameplay time in stages. You want the player to feel accomplished and excited – this is what causes a player to keep moving forward. If a game is too hard, the player becomes too frustrated and puts the game down never to play again. However, in the case of Luxor, the problem is not difficulty – but completion time. The first stage to the game took me about four minutes to complete. This does not sound like a lot of time, however the gameplay is rather simplistic. Thankfully, this is really the only problem I could find with the game – however it could be a glaring issue if gamers playing become bored due to the first stages having a combination of very little challenge, and taking a long time to complete.

Should you buy Luxor? Heck yeah. The game is a lot of fun, and if you like bragging about how badass you and your Winged Unmentionable is you’re in luck as the game supports Twitter, Facebook and the plus+ service to help tell the world about your ball-based achievements.

Games like this are actually rather curious to review. There’s not much to them, so there isn’t really much one can say. So I’ll leave you with this – THE WINGED UNMENTIONABLE IS COMING FOR YOU.

That is all.

A copy of the game Luxor was provided to The Married Gamers for the purpose of examination and review. When not writing reviews and articles, Dave Calabrese runs his game development company, Cerulean Games, Inc. and enjoys the mountain air of Denver, CO.


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