Lost Cities

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Lost Cities is a Xbox Live Arcade game created by Sierra Online Shanghai Studio.  You can download the game for 800 Microsoft points.  This card based game is really a brain workout.  It is not a game that you can pick and up play.  It does take more than a few games to get the hang of the game’s rules and mechanics.  This game really does require some good math skills.  Your math skills not up to snuff?  Don’t let it be a reason to not download this game.

Like the title suggests, the goal of the game is for each player to set up their own city.  Players start out with 8 cards with the hopes that they will have the cards that needed to set up their city and move into the positive instead of the negative.  The first card that you set down on any city will set you back by 20 points.  However player have plenty of opportunities to get move back into the positive.  It is with the use of the incentive cards that the math really comes into play because they become the player’s multiplier.

Players can choose to play this game against the AI or with your friends on Xbox Live or in room co-operatively.   No two games are ever alike because you never know what cards you are going to end up with.  

Lost Cities is a game that is ever changing but there are some things that make this game difficult.  First of all, if you are not fond of math, it may not be the game for you.  Secondly, it does take some time to learn how to play the game.  It is definitely not a game that you can download and start playing, there is a stiff learning curve.  Third, the achievements are very few and far between.  These achievements often are a bit complicated with some requiring players to do more than one thing in order to get the achievement.

Overall, this is a fast paced game that will keep your mind active as you plan out each of your moves.  You may have to keep a pad of paper next to you to remind you of what score you have but it is fun nonetheless.  However this game definitely caters to a select type of gamer, one with the patience to master all the various game strategies. 

I give this game a C+.


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