LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7

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Sticks true to the books and movies

No online co-op

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When it comes to LEGO games, Warner Brothers and TT’s LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 is a great story to play through. It is one that will hold your attention and yet be challenging enough for the true fan within the household. It holds true to the books and movies, which is something that was extremely important in my book, as I am what I would call a true Harry Potter fan. I found myself enjoying the little intrigues that would pop up throughout the game play. Be it the fact that there were certain spells that Harry and his fellow wizards were unable to perform due to the lockdown at Hogwarts, or the fact that he has to figure out how to destroy the final horcruxes. This is not a game to be played if a person is concerned about spoiling the movies or the books, the story is flushed out to its fullest.

As with any of the LEGO games, LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 had me breaking apart the environment to find the studs and in this game to try to get True Wizardship. I also had to find the different areas in which to build different Lego pieces to get into certain sections of the level. During every level there was at least one other wizard with Harry Potter, be it Hermione or some other wizard who had a spell that was going to be helpful for that section. Not only were the spells helpful but the fact that some of the wizards had pets were also helpful. These pets were able to get into small spaces that the wizards themselves were not able to get into.

On each level, Hedwig (Harry’s owl) could be found, sitting on a little post. This became an important part of the game, as she holds the power in order to unlock the red boxes that allowed me to go and purchase special gifts that are helpful throughout the game. One of these that can be seen in the game is the ghost studs. There is ghost that will guide Harry and his companions to wherever they need to be heading throughout the game. I was free to roam wherever I wanted to go, however these ghost studs were laid down so I would know where I needed to go next. It was mighty handy. Not only that, but once I had unlocked the ghost stud red box and had it turned on I was collecting 1,000 Lego stud points every time this Ghost laid one out.

Now as I was going through each level of the game, I noticed that there were many sections of the level that I was not able to get to. This was quite frustrating to me because I could not figure out why the game makers would put me into a level that I was either not high enough of a wizard that I did not have the right spells to complete it properly. Most of the levels I could get True Wizard without a problem first time through, but there were some areas that would almost sparkle and I could hear the Legos clicking, so I knew that there was something that I could not get to. This caused me some level of frustration because I did not know if there was something that I was not doing correctly. Other areas stated that I did not have the proper level of wizardly magic to get into it. I was unlocking different wizards as I was going through the game, so I figured that I would have to go back through the levels after I got done through the free play mode.

This is indeed what I had to do. When I had completely the game, I had only gotten to 34% completion. These LEGO games are meant to have a huge replayablility factor to them. This game has not diverged from that pattern. I have found myself going back and playing with wizards that were not in the original paring just to see if there is anything that can be done in a variant way to make the outcome different. Things have changed and I have been able to come out ahead with more LEGO studs at the end. One of the achievements is to get 1 billion studs, I am still quite a ways away from that but I believe that this is a way that I will be able to do that. Going into the levels over and over again with the variant characters to see what I can get them to do. Not only is it fun, but the outcome is always hilarious. Doing this has allowed me to complete those levels that I had the previously mentioned frustration, all it took was a different wizard and then I was able to get it done. Sometimes having a co-op partner in a certain level can also help.

Co-op mode in LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 is drop in and drop out. Another person can very easily pick up another controller and help out. While I was playing, my husband was able to pick up the other controller and within a manner of about 30 seconds we were playing the level together and were able to put out a fire that I was having trouble doing on my own. Mind you, I could have done it on my own, but having another person who was able to learn the control quickly and easily help me was nice. Once he was done helping me, he was able to drop out just as smoothly and I was able to continue with my game as if he had never even been there. There was no lag and the character whom he had played jumped right back into place following me as if he had been doing it the entire time. It is disappointing that there was no online multiplayer as there were, at times three wizards on screen and it would have been a perfect opportunity to play with my friends online.

Overall, Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 is a fantastic game. It holds very true to the books and the movies. The game play is seamless with no glitchiness to it at all. With the high replayablility to the game, there are hours upon hours of fun to be had with this game. There were a few times that I found myself lost as to how I was going to solve a section, but if I listened closely as to where the Lego sounds were or looked around I was able to figure it out fairly quickly.


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