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Landformer from Streaming Colour Studios is a puzzle game that could possibly offer loads of entertainment if a player is willing to shell out additional money for more levels. The good news is that this addicting game app is available free and players get ten free levels plus the ability to create and share levels with their friends.

The concept behind Landformer is simple. Each level presents a puzzle of uneven sections of land across a gridded landscape. Some areas may be uplifted, some areas descended, but the object to get all areas at grade level. As an added challenge there are a limited amount of suggested moves gamers must perform this feat in. Players are given a handful of overlay patterns to perform their task, so they must think how these patterns will lift or deform the landscape.

The game is easy to pick up and learn the mechanics so those seeking only to satisfy themselves with the ten free levels that come with the free app will quickly be left wanting more. Thankfully players can create and share their levels with friends. Streaming Colour Studios is all to happy to provide an additional 50 levels for an additional cost.

The puzzle creator that is bundled with the free Landformer app is a breeze to work with, and the app is very helpful in helping the player email their friends with their created level. In addition, their friends can email the player with their own puzzle in which the player can try to solve. Sadly, for those only wanting the free Landformer app, once they leave the puzzle creator or leave the app they lose the created or shared puzzle. The ability to save your creations or play those puzzle friends have shared comes included with the 50 puzzle map pack at an additional cost.

The ten free puzzles included in Landformer move the player from easy to medium difficulty puzzles. The additional puzzle pack also includes maps from easy to challenging. One other portion to the app is that players can purchase themes to give the app a distinctive look.

Besides the ten levels being far too brief, the only other complaint about the quite attractive game is that it should have included a game service like OpenFeint in which players could challenge their online friends to some of my created puzzles, or a connection with Facebook Connect. However the email system does work very well, and the load time for shared puzzle is surprisingly quick.

For those who enjoy puzzle games this is one that easily deserves a download and look. Provided it scratches that itch, as it did this reviewer, you will eagerly pay the price for additional levels.


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