Kirby’s Epic Yarn

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Kirby, Nintendo’s lovable ball of….blob, has always been one of Nintendo’s iconic characters that just hasn’t made it to Mario and Link status in gaming.  Appearing first on the original Gameboy, Kirby has starred in countless titles that for the most part, and has been well received.  Kirby’s latest adventure, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, takes the pink puff on an adventure like no other.  Question is, is it really epic?

Kirby’s Epic Yarn is a 2D platformer in the vain of old school Super Mario titles.  The game is presented in a very colorful storybook style that’s narrated.  Kirby has always been known for his appetite but on this particular day, what he takes as a treat ends up sucking him into a whole new dimension.  One where everything is made up of fabrics, including Kirby himself, who is now made of yarn.  Because of this fact, Kirby can no longer perform his trademark move of consuming enemies to take their powers.  He now has an Indiana Jones-like whip that he uses to dispose of enemies and interact with the environment.  Kirby also now has the ability to shape shift into various things such as a parachute, a car, a submarine, and various other things depending on the level or situation.  Kirby’s Epic Yarn can also be play co-operatively and a second player takes on the role of Prince Fluff, a native of the land.  The gist of the story is that the evil magician Yin-Yarn has unraveled the fabric of the world and it’s up to Kirby (and Prince Fluff) to ultimately recover all the magic yarn needed to bring the world together again.  It’s pretty straightforward but this isn’t really the type of game one plays for story.  It’s more about compelling gameplay and it’s something this game does quite well.  Every level offers something new and imaginative and puts Kirby’s powers to good use.  The game isn’t difficult at all (in fact, you CAN NOT die) but in order to “win” the game (besides just plowing through levels), you must collect and hold onto as many beads as possible to earn a gold medal on the level as well as find the 3 special collectibles on each level.  Accomplishing that task is no easy feat and is what makes the game replayable.

The first thing anyone who puts the disc in will notice is the graphics.  Usually Wii games come with a disclaimer of “Looks good……………..for a Wii game” but Kirby’s Epic Yarn really is a very good looking game, no disclaimer necessary.  Everything in the game is made of some type of fabric.  The world is also laced with buttons and zippers and the background can fold when interacted with.  It’s a really nice visual style that shows that an interesting and unique art style can go a long way.  I think the aspect that really steals the show and isn’t talked about enough is the amazing soundtrack.  On every level, one of the secret items to collect is the stages music track.  It quickly became my favorite collectible and I have no doubt that it’ll become the favorite collector of anyone who plays the game.  The controls aren’t complicated at all as it’s played with the Wii remote sideways.  The 1 button cracks the whip and the 2 button jumps.  It’s that simple and they work as advertised.  There are very few motion controlled elements or things that take advantage of the pointer controls.  It very much plays like an old school NES game.

Overall, there is very little negative that can be said about Kirby’s Epic Yarn.  The biggest flaw of the game may be the easy difficulty but as I stated before, if a player goes for gold medals on every stage, the difficult ramps up considerably.  Kirby’s Epic Yarn is an easy contender for Wii game of the Year and will likely be an under-appreciated gem that won’t get much recognition in the shadow of higher profile games on the higher definition consoles.  Do yourself a favor and give the game a play-through.   It’s a game anyone can, and probably will, enjoy.

A copy of Kirby’s Epic Yarn was provided to The Married Gamers for review and evaluation.


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