Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad

8.0 Overall Score

Hot racing action, good graphics, and easy achievements

Low replay value, lackluster music and voices

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If you like intense racing games and wild off road action, then Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad is the game for you.   2XL games waved the green flag and launched this arcade style off road racing game on June 27th, 2012.  Now, I will admit that I was a little hesitant to try out this game.  I love racing games, but I will admit that I am not someone who has ever sat down and watched an off road race.  Nor had I ever heard of Jeremy McGrath before.  Sorry Jeremy!  I’m glad I didn’t overlook this title though.  Out of all of the arcade racing games I have played over the years, I think this one gives you the most bang for your buck.

For those of you who may be like me, not sure who Jeremy McGrath is, you should know that out of all the American Motorcross and Supercross champions, he is the most popular out of all of them.  That’s pretty tremendous.  Jeremy recieved the AMA Pro Athlete of the Year Award in 1996, and even helped spawn the sport of freestyle motorcross.  He’s won more of these events than I can take the time to list here, but his name is not one I’ll likely forget again.  Now that I have completed my review of Jeremy McGrath the man, we can get back to Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad.

In career mode you  follow Jeremy’s bid for the Pro2 championship within the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing.  The series consists of over 20 events, and can be played through at three different difficulties; Amateur, Semi-Pro, and Professional.  XP earned by winning races is used to upgrade your vehicle.  Maxing out the stats on your vehicles requires you to go back and replay the events multiple times.  Whether this is worth it or not is still unclear to me, as I didn’t really notice enough of an improvement in performance to justify the time spent earning the XP needed.  I guess it could be beneficial if you’re trying to earn the imaginatively titled “Play 1 Hour” achievement.

There are only six tracks in the entire game.  The graphics are much better than I would normally expect out of an arcade game, probably due to the full 1080p HD presentation and 60 frames per second.  Most of the levels look very similar, but I guess there’s not too much you can do with a dirt road.  You’ll take on these roads in either the Pro Lite Trucks, Rally Cars, or Pro Buggies.   Regardless of which one you choose, the vehicles all seem to handle pretty much the same.  The controls are easy to figure out and they handle nicely as you do what off road racers do best in the dirt…drift.  Trying not to run into other players is difficult, but fun when you “accidentally” slam into them after sliding too deep into a turn, or landing too close after a flying jump through the air.

When you are done in career mode you can take your racing online for some good old white-knuckled  multiplayer action.  You can blow the doors off up to seven other people, and if you can’t find seven people to race with, you can challenge each other using the leaderboards in an effort to claim the top spot.  Finding people to race with online was rather challenging in itself, so I chose to sticking to upgrading my vehicles.  I’ll just keep doing that until you all read my amazing review and go out and buy this game.  By then I will be the queen of off roading online and none of you will stand a chance.

The audio in the game isn’t anything spectacular, but I think that true off road racers will probably prefer the simple music and sounds of gravel flying and engines revving.  A funny note, all the vehicles seem to rev exactly the same, talk about some fine tuned engines!  The only other sound you will hear in the game is the slightly monotonous and lackluster voice of Jeremy McGrath.  I guess that after more than twenty years of racing, he’s probably gotten a little tired of talking about it.  At least that’s the way his voice comes off to me, but hey…it’s his game…he can talk however he wants to.

My son and I had an absolute blast playing and knocking out all but one of the achievements in the span of a few hours.  We are currently left with only the creatively titled achievement “Drive 1000 Miles”.  The achievements are very easy to get, and very clearly defined in their names.  My  ten year old son claimed most of these achievements for me and had no trouble knocking them off the list two or sometimes three at a time.

As far as my review of the game goes , I’ve been boiling the balonies (that’s spinning your tires in off road lingo) on how to rate this game.  Our entire family enjoyed playing this game.  The racing action is hot, the online play incredibly fun but difficult to find anyone to race with, the graphics are great, and they really to have taken out all the fluff that most racing games have, and just left you with what off road racing should be…good dirty fun.  It’s a great game, and you can’t beat the price.  With a little more pizzazz in the voices, music, and levels, this game could be a ten, but it’s still pretty darn fun at an eight.

Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad is available now for 800 MS points on XBLA  and on the PSN ($9.99).  You can check out the official site for the game here.

A code for Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad was provided to TMG for the purpose of evaluation and review.


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