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When it comes to managing a hotel, Jane seems to have quite a bit on her plate.  In Jane’s Hotel, an iPhone/iTouch game by G5 Entertainment, the player moves Jane around the hotel, making sure she keeps guests content during their stay at her hotel.  At the start of the game, the player is introduced to Jane who is working in a very small hotel who wants to move up in the industry.  Jane is confident that she is going to be able to do her job well, with the player’s help of course.

Time management is the name of the game and if it is not done correctly the guests of the hotel are going to let Jane know of their displeasure.  In the right hand corner of the screen, the tip meter will go up or down according to how well Jane has been performing her tasks.  If she has been making the guest wait too long the amount of money they give her as a tip will go down. If Jane is doing an outstanding job then the tip will go up.

To help keep her customer’s happy, Jane employs a chambermaid who performs many of the needed tasks. While Jane does tasks such as giving the guest their keys, morning coffee, newspapers, fruit, or even some champagne; the Chambermaid is the one that will vacuum their room, change their linens, press their clothes, or even water the plants so things look nice for them.  These tasks keep everything running smoothly and must be done in a timely manner and are all part of the time management excitement of the game.

At the end of a level, the player gains popularity points and is able to buy new things that allows for the hotel to gain some aesthetic points along with some new aspects and playable parts.  The new playable parts means that there are new time management aspects that have to be handled as well.  Hotel guests like it when the hotel looks more prestigious and therefore they are more willing to pay more enabling Jane to level up more quickly.

The higher the levels get the harder the game gets.  At the beginning of the game, there are just a few rooms and it is very simple to keep in the line of site both the rooms and Jane.  However, as the game moves along this becomes more and more difficult.  It also appears that the hotel guest become more demanding upon not only Jane but the Chambermaid as well.  They are not as forgiving as they had been early on in the game.

Controlling Jane is not always easy as she sometimes gets caught up on stuff.  If she tries to do too many things at once, she will simply stop doing any of them at all.  The player has to see what Jane has in her hand and then click on the hotel guest that requires that action.  This does cause some frustration and at times even a loss of that round and a need to redo it.

Overall, this is a well put together game that gave many hours of enjoyable play. Jane’s Hotel does have quite a bit of replayablilty.

A copy of Jane’s Hotel was provided to The Married Gamers for purposes for our review and evaluation.

Married Gamers Grading Score: B+


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