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inFAMOUS 2 is the fantastic open world super-hero/villian sequel, from developer Sucker Punch, to the Playstation exclusive inFAMOUS released in 2009.

Cole MacGrath is back with the electrical powers thrust upon him in the first game. He again is forced into making choices affecting his friends and strangers around him before facing the final adversary.

If you played the first game, I’m sure this sounds familiar, but developer Sucker Punch wrapped a more intriguing and compelling story into this game while continuing with the best elements from the first. They managed to enhance almost everything about the game, most notably the setting and gameplay elements. Sucker Punch uses the same comic book story-telling cutscenes to carefully bring up you up to speed on Cole’s story without spoiling the original game. And while it isn’t necessary you’ve played the first game, it is a great game and will definitely increase your enjoyment of inFAMOUS 2.

In fact, if you played the original inFAMOUS, you’ll be prompted with the option of continuing your good/evil karmic choice path. If you opt to do so, you may be rewarded with extra energy or XP to start with, depending on how you played the original.

In contrast to the New York inspired Empire City of the first game, I found New Marais to be much more diverse and rich. It is just as much a character as Cole is. The city has four very distinct and nuanced areas each providing advantages or disadvantages for Cole and his powers. You can play straight through the story missions, or take a chance to gain additional XP by playing the side missions all over New Marais. And I highly suggest you do, you will be introduced to the several mission types available. Some involve finding hidden packages, others involve racing across the the city, and others involve all-out enemy brawls.

Another definite improvement in inFAMOUS 2 deals with the powers Cole obtains throughout the game. The power/weapon arsenal increases as you progress and you have the option to spend the XP on increasing strength or nature of your powers. Sucker Punch made two great enhancements. The first really improved on the close-quarters combat with the introduction of “The Amp”, an electrified melee weapon. The second was the quick UI to switch between the vast arsenal of powers. A quick button press or two and you could swap powers to suit the enemies at any given time.

Returning to inFAMOUS 2 was the good and evil karma paths. This time the choices are physically embodied with the characters of Nix and Kuo. These two characters entice and/or cajole Cole to pursue very different choices for story missions ultimately leading to very different endings to the game.

The story had what I call resonance; it took a hold of my attention and didn’t let go from the start of my first play through. When I wasn’t playing I was wanting to, and when I was playing, I didn’t want to stop.

One great feature in inFAMOUS 2 is the User-Generated Content (UGC). You are given a set of to create custom missions from scratch or from templates. I found the tools overwhelming, but I’m glad other users have gotten past that to create some creative additional content. The UGC will provided fresh new content on a regular basis. Players can use a rating system that will ensure the best UGC missions are featured. I sought out a fair amount of UGC in pursuit of the trophies associated with them, and found many to be very enjoyable as I played many of the mission types.

inFAMOUS 2 is a really fun experience. I usually cannot play a “story” game multiple times close together, but this game was different. I was so enamoured with the gameplay and so intrigued to see the other storyline I began my second playthrough the day after I finished it the first time. Sucker Punch outdid themselves here. They improved where it needed it and where I didn’t realize it needed it. They set the game in a rich environment, surrounded Cole with interesting characters and choices and provided the users a chance to create and share their content. I highly recommend this game.


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