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ilomilo is the latest and last game in the series of XBLA titles that Microsoft is releasing for the Xbox Live Arcade “Games for the Holidays” promotion, and is the first XBLA title of 2011. iliomilo was created by Swedish developer, SouthEnd Interactive. The game was originally released as a Windows Phone 7 version, and those with AT&T WP7 devices were able to get the game at no charge.

ilomilo starts out giving you the story of “Ilo” and “Milo” who are friends but somehow always seem to end up separated, and they need to work together to meet up and move onto the next area. The game allows you to play as both characters being able to change between each one as needed to accomplish your goal of getting them together, and there are many times in the game where this is going be required where you won’t have any choice but to switch back and forth between each character in order to accomplish your goal. As you go through the game and continue through each level, you find more and more things that make your goal more and more difficult. In the game you will find boxes that have different characteristics to them.  Ilo and Milo can pick them up in order to assist them in either meeting together or collecting more fragments.  When enough of these fragments are collected in each level and chapter, they piece together gallery items that help explain the story.

The game is made of many different puzzles.  I found that in each version of the game on XBLA, and on Windows Phone 7 that the first few levels are quite easy but quickly suck you into the game, and that’s when things get a bit more difficult and make you really think about what needs to be done in the game in order for Ilo and Milo to meet. Also not long after the game is started you are informed about little characters in the game called “Safkas” which you’re not required to finish a level with, but by collecting all of them in a level and all of them in a chapter (there are 12 levels in a chapter) you will unlock special items.

by Ken Crockett

I found many of the puzzles to be frustrating at times making me want to pull out what little hair I have on my bald head.  Apparently I’m not the only one.  This game requires a lot of patience as you figure out the level and puzzles laid out before you. What is great is that you’re only forced to play one level at the start of each chapter, and once that initial level in the chapter is completed, a few more in the chapter open up and you can decide which one to play.  I found this to be a great way to set up the game, so if I become frustrated and feel stuck in one level, I can go play another level and then come back to it when I am ready. Sometimes this is even helpful, since another level’s structure may be similar to the level on which I got stuck, so it made it simpler for me to figure out.

ilomilo is an amazingly addictive game. It has had me coming back for more, and I think it will be considered one of the biggest XBLA titles releases in 2011.  ilomilo is by far one of the best games on the XBLA that I have played and in the gaming release lull this holiday season it had me coming back to my 360 over and over again.


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