Happy Feet Two: The Video Game

5.5 Overall Score

Easy controls and fun atmosphere

Repetitive missions and music over the course of the campaign

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Those little penguins from the North Pole are back and groovin’ their way through complications in their lives to the beat of the music omnipresent in their environment. Happy Feet Two: The Video Game brings us into the adventures of Mumble, Ramon and Mumble’s furry little one, Erik.

In the beginning Erik falls while trying to dance and in his embarrassment runs away from his home. His father, Mumble, chases after him with his trusty counterpart, Ramon. Using simple button combinations, you move through each level, over 50 levels of music, dancing and danger.

The game is fairly simple to play, you move from the starting point and make your way to an exit spot. Along the way you’ll recruit other penguins with different abilities that can help with smashing ice and rocks to clear your way. You encounter some enemies like birds, elephant seals, and Erik’s mother. Okay, well, Erik’s mother isn’t really an enemy, but you do have a boss battle with her at the beginning of the game to convince her to let you go after him and bring him home.

Shortly after Mumble and Ramon get started on their adventure a large iceberg threatens to destroy their home, and the efforts of just Mumble and Ramon aren’t enough to thwart the possible destruction of their land, so they must venture to other parts and recruit help to save their home and friends.

The music for the game is quite good. It’s extremely upbeat and actually quite catchy. When trying to level up the songs, you collect notes throughout each level in the game, these notes are like “money” to purchase locked songs. Leveling out a song can earn you additional penguins to your “army” to smash up the “Doomberg” in the final level.

There is a little variety in the levels, from the standard move-from-point-a-to-point-b structure to races to boss battles. In the races, you and Ramon slide on your belly through an icy canyon. You collect notes and hit ramps to perform stunts to gain boost and try to outrace your buddy to the bottom of the canyon. Boss battles are a button timed mini-game. The “notes” or button you have to push show up and a little bouncy ball appears. You try to time your button pushes to when the ball hits the “note” you’re supposed to hit.

Overall, the game is pretty simple.  The graphics are nothing special, but the game is very bright and cheerful, perfect for younger players that might have had a great time at the movie, but the game is highly repetitive and there are a lot of levels to push through. The game is really good for young players as Mumble and Ramon solve obstacles and confrontations without violence, but older players might be left shaking their heads at the concept of solving everything with dancing.

Happy Feet Two works and the controls are fine, although the racing controls are a little touchy, this game lacks depth and might not hold the attention of older kids that aren’t ready for Call of Duty yet, but younger gamers that can handle a controller should have a good time.

A copy of Happy Feet Two: The Video Game was provided to TMG for the purpose of evaluation and review.


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