Halo Anniversary Map Pack DLC

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Welcome additions to the Halo: Reach map library

Breakneck seems out of place in this Halo: CE Anniversary map pack

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The Halo: Reach Anniversary Map Pack is a nice mix of seven new maps all pulled, with the exception of Headlong, from Halo: Combat Evolved. Most of these maps we have not seen since then, so they are all welcome additions to the Halo: Reach map library.


A remake of Hang ’em High, a Halo:CE staple, this map is a near perfect recreation of the classic map.  There are a couple added tunnels in the walls to create a few more entry points for team based combat.  While at times, the map can feel a bit too open, High Noon is a prime example of a smaller, yet very open map, where you can dominate with the sniper, but there is enough cover that you still have to keep on your toes.  This is by far my favorite map.


A remake of the Halo: CE map Damnation, Penance is both tall and long, with a lot of dips, stairs, tunnels and a few open areas to pop a few sniper shots.  Unlike High Noon and despite its size, Penance has a lot more close ranged combat with its twisty corridors and corners.  This is one of the few maps that have a nice little bottomless pit right in the map, making some back peddling dangerous.


A remake of Battle Creek, Battle Canyon is a tight, symmetrical map with two forts, one on each side, designed for quick team based games.  Another nearly perfect recreation of a Halo: CE map, Battle canyon ranks as one of the best maps for 4 on 4, or even smaller, objective based games.


Solitary, a remake of Prisoner from Halo: CE, reminds me a lot of Sword Base, being mostly vertical and narrow.  It has a lot of ramps and corridors that make most of this map tight and close quarters.  Yet the open center portion may lend itself to more ranged weapons as well as its vertical nature.  More suited for intense slayer games, Solitary’s vertical nature is sure to keep one on their toes.


Breakneck is the only map pulled from Halo 2, a remake of Headlong.  This map is an urban map with roads and vehicles, much bigger than the previous maps.  This one is more focused on Big Team Battle and objective games.    This map is a very faithful recreation with both setup and also aesthetics.  It seems far too cluttered to be a vehicle map but also too big to not use vehicles, so in that it is a bit schizophrenic and somewhat hard to play.  Breakneck is by far my least favorite map, mostly because it just seems out of place in the simple and succinct maps from Halo: CE


It took me a while to figure out what map Ridgeline was remade from.  Turns out it is from Timberland from Halo: CE for the PC, the version I never played.  However, Timberland in itself was a spiritual successor to Sidewinder, and this Ridgeline has that same feel.  being a much larger map, Ridgeline lends itself well to big team battles with lots of open area to effectively use vehicle.  For sure it is one of the biggest and probably most beautiful map of the bunch.


Taken from the final section of Halo: CE’s level Halo, Instillation is a medium sized map with a lot of cover and close set buildings.  Anyone who has played Halo: CE can almost predict how this map will play.  Usually, you and your teammates will be holding on top of the main building.   The map does cut out a lot of the underground passages that were in Halo: CE, but for sure keeps the general feel of the map.  You even spawn where you might enter the map in the campaign.  Also, another nice little touch, is that this map actually has some NPC marines already on it to get slaughtered.  Still a nice little touch.

I would say the reason I have enjoyed this particular map pack so much is just that it is so nostalgic.  It’s fun to be able to relive matches of old.  For me, Battle Canyon and High Noon stand out as both the best remakes and as the most nostalgic.  If you haven’t bought any map packs yet, or even if you have, with six competitive multiplayer maps and one new firefight map, this pack its definitely worth the 1200 MS point.


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  1. Loren Nikkel December 13, 2011 at 2:18 am - Reply

    Wow. I need to pick these maps up. Now!

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