Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

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Some say that when you’re an addict you have to reach a rock bottom moment in order to find yourself on the road to recovery. Last year might have been rock bottom for Guitar Hero developer Neversoft. In 2009, Activision launched multiple games in the Guitar Hero line that lacked any sort of weight with fans and music game enthusiasts. This year Activision has just released Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock and some of that Guitar Hero mojo is back!

In this latest iteration of the series, the focus seems to be on three things that Neversoft manages to pull off to some success: story, competition, and good music. Warriors of Rock has a strong focus on the story this time out. In earlier Guitar Hero games the story was regulated to short moments that one would quickly click through to get to the next song. However this time out, players must gather their band mates in Quest mode to help the God of Rock who has been captured. In a fun twist, as players play through various sets with each band mate, they unlock that character’s special abilities which in turn helps the player receive more stars from their playing. Unleashing each band mate’s special abilities are crucial to their mission to save the God of Rock. Once completed this Quest mode can be returned to, this time with all your new found rock powers to earn some serious stars!

The second item that Neversoft has focused on in Warriors of Rock is competition. Like other Guitar Hero games, players can play online head to head as a single player or as a band. The multi-player has multiple variations of versus game play. The varying competitive game types are fun and offer interesting twists including one in which the leader in a match has their difficulty increased as they play.

Another component of what makes Warriors of Rock unique is this very cool feature in which players can “rank up” in challenges and call out their online console, Twitter or Facebook friends with their prowess. This spirit of competition may cause rivalries to sprout to see who can shred the most notes during those blistering Megadeth tunes included in the set list.

The last area in which Neversoft worked hard on is by including good music. There is a great batch of music in Warriors of Rock that seem to make sense in their inclusion in the storyline. There are multiple variations of the rock genre from classic to brain-melting heavy metal. Not everyone will be happy with every track and having to play a set list of songs in Quest mode a particular rock setting one despises will be a test of a gamers patience. Also much ballyhooed in Warriors of Rock is the Canadian rock band Rush. Their concept album “2112” is included in the game at an important part of the storyline. While it does have a feel of being a little tacked-on and hemmed into the game, it is a lot of fun to play. It should be noted that the final two songs in Quest mode are brutal. Neversoft sought out Dave Mustaine and Megadeath to create a couple of songs that were going to become Guitar Hero’s most challenging songs and while they may be that, the songs feels more about pushing buttons than rocking out.

Overall, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock will give hope for those who have soured by recent Guitar Hero games. It regains its swagger a bit with a stronger focus on delivering rocking songs with a cohesive storyline.

A copy of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock was provided to The Married Gamers for review and evaluation.


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