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Greed Corp is a Turn-Based Strategy game that brings in a different element into your gameplay that affects your strategy to eliminate your foes.

Like many strategy games, you collect resources (credits) to build up your army, move forward to claim territory (allowing you acquire more credits), and stomp out your enemies through a hostile takeover of their land. Credits allow you to purchase Harvesters which collects resources, Armories which is the foundation for your Cannon, and also produces Walkers (soldiers), and Carriers to transport your Walkers across vast distances to conquer your enemies.

The twist consists of how the land is eroding. Using Harvesters to collect resources also degrades the land which are giant pillars that stretch above the mists of the unknown below. After a number of turns using the Harvesters, depending on the starting height of the tile, the land cracks and then crumbles away taking anything already placed upon it into the fog below. So, instead of just depleting a mine or forest of its valuable resource, the land you’ve claimed disappears too.

There are four factions within the fictional world consisting of:

  • The Cartel: A web of corporations. Excelling at pulling everything that’s valuable out of the earth. Fast. Efficient. Thoughtless.
  • The Empire: A great display of military power. Organized. Strict. Relentless. Maintaining balance by force, keeping peace by deterrence.
  • The Pirates: Travelers, merchants, mercenaries. They have found a lucrative way to support their decadent lifestyle, effectively trading resources and weapons between the Cartel and the Empire
  • The Freemen: Preservationists in a world divided by greed. All they want is to be left alone, to live in peace.

This fictional world is inspired by the industrial revolutions of the past and their effects on the environment around them. This game is also promoted as the first in a series situated in the same fictional world called Mistbound.

Gameplay is quick and simple. You have a one-minute time limit to execute your movements and to place your armories, units, harvesters, and to fire your cannon to decimate your enemies’ forces. The destruction of your opponents is a simple case of numbers. If you attack a tile that has a cannon and 4 soldiers with a soldier force of your own with 5 or more, you overtake that tile (and the cannon) and the soldiers cancel each other out. So if you take over a tile like above with just 5 soldiers, you’re force is reduced to one. In addition to knocking a tile down one level, a single Cannon shot will reduce an enemies forces present on that tile by five. If the tile is cracked, everything on that tile is destroyed as it falls into the mists.

Up to 16 Walkers can occupy a single tile at once. Cannons will reduce a tile by one level and destroy a cracked tile as well as any cracked tiles around the target. Uncracked tiles are unaffected unless directly hit.

The game’s multiplayer features up to 4-players at a time and you can use any combination of local, online and computer controlled players. Fans of strategy games should welcome this addition to their collection as the game play is quick paced, easy to pick up, and an overall fun experience.

The graphics are simple and show enough detail to see what is going on, but aren’t exceptional.

The sound is excellent, from the Harvester pounding into the ground to collect resources to the whistle of the falling projectile as it’s heading toward its target.

The achievements are challenging and provide something across all of the faction campaigns as well as multiplayer. This game is available on the Playstation Network as well.

A review code was provided to TMG for the purposes of evaluation and review.

Married Gamers Rating: B


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