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First, let me make it clear that Goldeneye 007 is not a remake, but a reinvention.  While the general story and locales stay relatively similar, the levels and gameplay have been totaly revamped.  Not only that, but some of the characters have changed too.  They are all the same name, but they look different.  The chubby Russian valentine is now a hip cool gangsta boy who owns a happenin’ night club.  General Ourumov has been changed into a rather large intimidating man, from his former more subtle self.  Bond is now played by Daniel Craig instead of Pierce Bronson.  Basically, what i am saying is that those purist cats would be very displeased.   However, aside from changing the chubby Russian to a hip gangsta, much of the reinvention has been good for the game.  They have successfully changed the game from a run and gun shooter (as were most games in the mid 90s) to more of a stealth and cover-based shooter.

Single Player

Alright, so let’s start in the single player mode.  This is truly where the game shines.  I enjoyed nearly every moment of it.   The game has great juxtaposition, switching between sneaking missions and crazy run-and-gun moments and even a tank level!  That’s right, the tank level is back and as fun as ever.  The story in generally the same as it is with the movie.  An EMP hardened helicopter is stolen, then so is Goldeneye.  You learn that the Janus group is involved somehow.  Then you learn Janus is 006 and you track him halfway across the globe.  Same old story.  M and Q are also present, giving you advice and updating you on the mission.  With everything done by authentic actors, the game really does feel like a Bond game, corny one-liners and all.

While this seems like the same old formula that most Bond games have been, Goldeneye is exciting and fun.  Your gadgets have been replaced with your smartphone.  Whenever there is an object you can interact with an icon will appear and then you pull out your phone.  You hold it like you are taking a picture and the thing with which you can interact with will be outlined.   You simply then aim and, well, interact.  You usually just hack, but there are a few other things that you may need to do for missions.  There are many missions that require stealth, and it is so much fun.  Sneaking up on enemies is great, and it works well.  You can even plan strategies how to take down groups fast and quietly.  The stealth mechanic is great, but not perfect.  The biggest gripe with the mechanic is that you cannot hide again if you are seen unless you clear the room, but because the games gun mechanics work well, it is no real big issue.  It just breaks the feel of you being Bond.  Other than that, I had no real issues with the game mechanics.

Now onto the guns.  The guns are no longer as iconic as they once were, but don more realistic names and looks.  However, the sound of the shots is quit shabby.  I wondered for a while if my sub-woofer was off, but it wasn’t.  The guns sound hollow when shot and do not seem to have the “oomff” that they do in other games.   Yet they still look and feel right.  I liked the variety from the Skorpion to the M16 and all sorts of then in between.  Another thing I liked was the variety of attachments both in multiplayer and in the campaign.  Yet the thing that I loved the most about the guns was that you could change their rates of fire by pressing up on the D-pad.  That way if you had an M16 with an ACOG sight, you could switch between single-fire-near-sniper-precision or spray-and-prey-full-auto.

Earlier, I mentioned that this game has a bit of a covered based mechanic.  When you crouch behind cover, all you have to do is aim down the sights and you pop up to shoot.  It works well enough, but I did find myself at times looking through, say, a railing.  When I tried to aim, I would pop up a bit and look directly at the railing, unable to see.  In those instances,  I just had to stand to see, so no real issue, just annoying sometimes.


I was amazed to hear that Goldeneye would have online multi-player.  I did not expect much from the Wii in terms of online, but I had fun.  It worked fairly well too.  I will admit, it was a little laggy at times (and I rarely if ever have any lag issues), but still very playable.   It pits you in an 8 player game of various and fun types from Goldeneye (variant of territories) to capture the flag.  You also gain EXP to level up.  You get new guns, attachments and gadgets to help you.  Then you put them together in custom classes that you choose in-game.  It works much like Call of Duty 4 did.  You just have to play long enough to get enough experience to get anything too interesting.   However, the pre-made classes work just fine for casual play, so don’t get to worried over that.

But you are all probably wondering about splitscreen.  Sadly, that has changed.   You pick between a bunch of premade classes then enter the arena.  Sadly, there is also no “create-a-class” for splitscreen.  It still works and is fun, but is much different than the original and doesn’t seem to work quite as well, as you have to linger on each class to see what gadgets it has, which is mostly a waste of time.  I was hoping for an “old-school” mode, but there is none.  And no classic levels return either, just a bunch of new, still very good, levels.  A lot of the cheat codes are back too, like big head and slappers only.  So you still can have a lot of fun mixing and matching how you play.

I want to add that you NEED to play this game with the classic controller.  The Wii remote works, but not very well and you could use the GameCube controller, but because it has less buttons, it is sort of awkward.  But the Classic controller works very well.

The game is very well done for any system, but especially for the Wii.  While the graphics may be toned down a bit, I almost find it a refreshing break from all the brown shooters out there.  The stealth elements were also very fun and worked great in contrast to the action sequences.  the online play may be a little buggy, but if you have a couple friends with a Wii, it is still very fun.

A copy of Goldeneye 007 was given to The Married Gamers for review and evaluation.


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