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Are you tired of harvesting turnips? Bored of having to go on bank heists to further your crime family in mafia games? Well if you need a break away from the monotony and a good laugh I recommend that you download “Godfinger” to your iPhone or iPad. The best part of this game is that IT’S FREE!

A somewhat new and upcoming developer, ngmoco, launched Godfinger on June 17  and has been a hit among iPhone and iPad users everywhere.  Godfinger uses these products’ touch screens to allow you to move about the world with a sweep of your finger.

Godfinger allows the user to create a world of their own, equipped with followers to do their bidding. The user can take these followers and instruct them to do things like worship, build, mine, or just fish and relax. As you progress you will receive Super Followers which do twice the amount of work as an ordinary follower. The user is rewarded for their followers’ deeds by earning gold, renown, and mana; gold is what drives this game though. Depending on what buildings you have and the amount of followers you have stationed at each building, gold will be generated normally every 20 minutes.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Great, another game I have to log onto every half hour!” It’s not like that though. As you progress, your buildings will take more and more time to generate gold, but in greater amounts. Currently I only log on twice a day to collect gold and make sure my followers are all well rested. Making sure your followers are rested is important because when they become exhausted they cease to do any work which slows down your gold production.

One of the biggest reasons I was attracted to this game was the cartoony feel. All the characters have a cute and silly look to them. I especially enjoy having followers with handlebar mustaches. The characters don’t speak an audible language but you can still understand how they are feeling based off of the noises they make. (Listen to the sound they make when you fling them across the screen.) Another thing I really enjoy is being able to control the elements. You start out being able to control the rain, showering down water to replenish farms and land. As you level up, you gain control of sun, lightning, terraforming, and even gain the ability to start fires. Leveling up comes with new goals and objectives for you to complete in order to get experience points. Being an achievement junkie I enjoy completing goals in games, this game being no exception. Goals such as “Go Fish” in which you have to make a follower go fishing in a lake you created or “Resurrection” in which you have to revive a dead follower brought me the most joy for their simplistic and humorous nature.

Godfinger also urges you to make friends within the game. You can zoom away from your planet to reveal the solar system around you where you can add friends’ planets. To add your friends you simply need to just search their name and send them a request. After they accept, you can then visit their planet, send them gifts, or enchant their followers. When you enchant a follower they will work to make gold for you in addition to collecting gold for their original deity. Enchant a Super Follower and you receive twice the gold. The only catch is that your friend has to agree to allow you to enchant their follower.

I love that Godfinger urges you to “Give Your Friends the Finger”. I highly recommend this game for everyone guaranteeing that you will enjoy yourself immensely and have a great time.

This app is available for download on any iPhone or iPad and is an entertaining departure from the norm of shooting zombies and harvesting fruit, not to mention that it is FREE!


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