Go Vacation Review

7 Overall Score

Good for a crowd to compete with each other.

There is no challenge to play alone.

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We have been a Wii family for about 3 years now. And when I say a Wii family I mean we have Wii Sports, Wii Play, Wii Music and even Game Party. Needless to say, we love a good Wii group game. They are usually games that everyone can play and often get you a little bit of a workout. So we were excited when we got a hold of Go Vacation to review it.

Let’s talk brass tacks. This is a game for 1-4 players. It can use just about any Wii accessory you have. Seriously you can use the remote, nunchuck, Wii Balance Board, Wii MotionPlus, gun accessory and steering wheel accessory. The rating says 10 and up but I am not sure why. All my kids love playing it and it seems very G-rated. The four year old can run into some coordination issues in making her person go the right way but other than that, even she is fine.

There are four resorts that you can visit. Each has its own terrain and activities that fit the environment. The first resort you enter is the Marine Resort that has the predictable beach volleyball, jet ski races, scuba diving, and the like. Once you achieve four activity stamps you gain access to the City Resort. There you default to roller blades and can do more city type things like dancing, skateboarding and car racing. Once you complete four activities in the city you gain access to the Snow Resort. You start off with a snowball fight and various types of ski races. Once again it will take four activity stamps to access the next resort, the Mountain resort. Here you can race horses, play tennis, and other activities.

When you start out there is something called the Kawaii Stamp Dash where the guide will recommend an activity for you to do. This is how you acquire your activity stamps. The Stamp Dash is nice because it gives you an order to do the activities so you don’t just wander aimlessly. Lily the guide will also give you some directions on how to get to the activity so she assists you beyond the map. This isn’t a big deal on the first couple of resorts but in the Snow resort she tells you which lift to get on which is essential knowledge to have! One of the other benefits to participating in the Kawaii Stamp Dash is that you will also be earning your villa as you progress. Then you can remodel it too!

This game was really made for a group. You can compete in small activities that are usually well under 3 minutes (bungie jumping is about 5 seconds). That makes for a good rotation if you are in a group with numerous people or just don’t want to settle into anything that takes to long. We play it with all the kids and they find it quite entertaining. They find the controls fairly easy to master and objectives are clearly laid out for them. They love the fact we are going from activity to activity. They also like “inviting” the characters you find to play with you. (Which means they follow you around) But since the strength of the game exists in the group play arena it also means that you aren’t really doing anything with the outfits you earn or your villa.

There are some other good things about Go Vacation. Once you achieve four activity stamps at each resort you can hop between them at will, do any of the activities you please. Each time you do the “same” activity after winning it changes a little. Sometimes getting harder, sometimes it is just a little different.

So what are the downsides? Well, it is more of the same. As I said in the beginning, we have a lot of the other Wii activity games. And there are new activities in Go Vacation but it just feels like more of the same. The same graphics, the same feel and a lot of the same games. The activities also feel a little too simple. When you play by yourself none of the computer challengers seem to offer any challenge if you have any skills at all (meaning the little kids still lose). When I do a boat racing game for the first time I don’t want to be able to win by seconds even if I bang around on the walls a few times. I just know that this is a game that I will never play by myself again. Without playing with someone in person there just isn’t any challenge.

While there is nothing wrong with Go Vacation, it just doesn’t excite me. If you already have the other Wii activity games I wouldn’t run out to get it. But if you have a passel of kids who are bored with the other activity games but loved them, they would really like Go Vacation.


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