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Now this is the way that a fruit salad should be made; swinging your arms around, like you have two ninja swords in your hands while cutting the fruit as it is flung onto the screen.  Be careful for bombs that are coming at you as they will cut into the time that you have to chop the fruit.  You are able to play single player or with a friend, Halfbrick Studio’s Fruit Ninja Kinect is here to stay. At 800 Microsoft points, Fruit Ninja Kinect is definitely worth every point that you spend as you will have hours worth of entertainment.

Most of you probably know Fruit Ninja from the iPhone or iPad versions.  It is now being brought to you in a full body game.  You can use your entire body to chop the fruit in half.  It’s truly a full motion game.  Not only is it fun to play but it’s fun to watch others play as well.  You will find that others who are watching become backseat fruit ninjas as well.  Telling you which fruits you missed and how you could have chopped them better or more critically.

First you must be warned to be prepared for some soreness after playing it.  After becoming a Fruit Ninja in the Kinect fashion, you are likely to find that your arms are going to feel like you have had a work out from all the chopping that you’re doing.  One way that you can get some relief is to jump up and kick, as the Kinect registers your legs as ninja chops.  It is not as accurate but it does give you some relief.

As you enter into Fruit Ninja Kinect, you will find a shadow of yourself, it is different for everyone so you know it is you. If you stand outside of the range of the Kinect, it will “poof” out of the screen, make a noise to alert you,  and there is a “how to play” video that will start.  This is able to be skipped quite easily by swinging your ninja sword over the skip fruit.

You are given four modes to choose from to get started: party, classic, zen, and arcade.  Each of them has their own unique challenges to them.  Party mode is for when you have another person who would like to challenge you to a duel of ninja swords in chopping fruit.   The other three modes are can be played by yourself.  Coming to the end of any game mode, Fruit Ninja Kinect gives you some sort of fruit knowledge.  This knowledge becomes somewhat interesting.  As you play more and more of the game, the ninja swords start to unlock and you are able to play with more of them.  Backgrounds can also be unlocked the longer that you play and the more proficient that you become within the game.  Not only are you trying to become a better Fruit Ninja but you are also trying to unlock more of the blades and backgrounds.

Classic Mode

During this mode you are given three strikes in the upper right hand side of the screen.  This means that during the time that you are playing, you are only allowed three fruits to slip beyond the swing of your ninja sword.  At the sound of the flinging fruit be prepared to have your ninja skills ready to go.  Beginning this level one or maybe two fruits will come up.  Then the dreaded bomb will appear. You don’t want to chop the bomb.  If you do this blinding white light will come across your screen, ending the level. From this time forward, you will not know how many fruits will be flung onto the screen and they will be intermixed with bombs.


Keep your eyes peeled out for the pomegranate.  This fruit will appear at an undetermined time and will magically slow down your entire screen because you are able to whack it as many times as humanly possible. Jump and try to kick it, swing at it, head chop it, just get as many hits on it as you can because it is a multiplier that is going to add to your score.  This is going to add to your overall Fruit Ninja-ness and make you the envy of all your friends.  They will wonder how you were able to get such a high score and only you will know the true Ninja power that you contain.

Arcade Mode

So you say that you are a true Fruit Ninja now? Step into the Arcade Mode and prove it. You now have 60 seconds to chop as much fruit that you can, but there are bombs that are going to come at you that will take away ten seconds from you. There is also the Freezing banana that will cause the fruit to be flung in a much slower fashion.  It stops your time, giving you the chance to chop the fruit.  The Frenzy Banana causes fruit to come at you from the sides of the screen.  During this time of game, you do not need to worry about the seconds removing bomb; they will not be coming at you, so freely swing your arms.  There is also the special fruit which, for a short amount of time, will give you double point for all the fruit that you chop.

Zen Mode

When you want to relax a little, play the Zen Mode in Fruit Ninja Kinect. Of course, everyone knows that there is still a bit of competitiveness that will be in every part of any gamer, so even though it is called Zen Mode there’s competition.  During this mode you are given 90 seconds to chop as much fruit as you can.  During this mode there are no bombs to worry about or any power ups.  It is truly a relaxing mode. The fruit is still flung at a ridicules rate so you need to make sure that you are chopping the fruit away. The competitive part comes into play at the very end when you see how well you rank against your friends.  Be prepared to want to play the level again.


Party Mode

This is the mode to play when you have friends over.  There is a chance that you may end up chopping each other as you do need to stand fairly close to each other because the Kinect needs to be able to see both people.  Flaying arms trying to chop fruit that is outlined in either red (for the left player), blue (for the right player) which does end up in the other player’s field of playing could end up with a few bruises on either player.

During the Party Mode, you have 60 seconds to chop as much fruit that comes up on your side of the screen.  Be prepared for the white outlined fruit; it is worth five points.  There is a bar on the top of the screen that keeps the score so you know how well you are doing against your competitor. As the time gets closer and closer to the end, it can get a bit heated between the two competitors.  It can start to feel a bit unbalanced; that you or the other person is getting more fruit.  Not to worry, you are able to challenge your friend again and it will keep your win/loss record for you.  Be extremely careful not to hit your competitor’s fruit, as this will cost you points.

There is also a challenge mode that is similar to classic mode, only your top friend’s score is in the upper left hand corner under your score to remind you what you need to beat.  If you do not beat their score, the words “Challenge Failed” will come upon the screen.  This is a wonderful way to have incorporated a competition mode across the Xbox.  Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a way to have live Xbox competition with Kinect games so this does up the ante.  I am glad to see that they have done this.

While chopping fruits during any of the modes in the game, it is extremely important to realize that any slight movement of your arms or legs will register on the Kinect.  There were times that I would find myself frustrated about having an itch on my nose and how it would knock me out of a level because of it causing me to hit a bomb.  It was an unintended movement, yet it was recognized on the screen and there was nothing that I could do to stop it from happening.  I also found that if my dog or cat walked in front of me, their movement also registered as movement from me.  I am not sure if this is the same as a human walking in front of me.

Aside from the soreness from play the game over and over again and the fact that slight movements are picked up by the Kinect, this is a fantastic game.  It has been moved from the other iterations that everyone is used to seeing, to a full body game very well.  You will quickly find yourself wanting to play this game not only with yourself but also inviting your friends over to see who the better Fruit Ninja is.



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