Forza Motorsport 3

9.5 Overall Score

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The first time you launch a race in Forza Motorsport 3 your attention might be captured by the sprawling landscapes outside of the track. Your attention then may shift to the detail of the wear of countless races on the road and curb sides. Finally, when your vehicle pulls up to the starting line, the fluid lines and gleaming paint makes you believe that for a minute you might just be watching an actual race instead of playing a game.

This game is so much more than pretty graphics though. For racing enthusiasts this game gives you control over so many details of tuning, paint, and even sponsor design, if that’s your cup of tea. The adjustable difficulty gives the player exceptional control. From experts on race tuning to the novice who just wants to jump in and go, this game gives you that power. The rewind feature in the game eliminates countless DNFs (except in multiplayer) as you’re able to roll back to before you lose control and correct your mistakes without having to start all over.

Take your ride inside the new cockpit feature. While this is hardly new in racing games, Forza 3 does a nice job of capturing all of the details that you would expect to find on the inside of these machines. View options include sitting right on the front bumper or two chase views from different lengths behind your vehicle.

There are hundreds of cars available to play with, and great DLC will keep gamers coming back for more to experiment with different set ups and new cars to add to their ‘collection.’ The tracks are plentiful and provide a great variety of challenges to keep even the most experienced racing fans busy for hours.

The controls feel fluid and the response is excellent. Even on easy, you feel in greater control than some of the other games with similar settings. You can manipulate all of the difficulty settings to keep some of the ‘helping hands’ you feel comfortable with and alter others that you like to help boost your earnings in the game per race.

The game features an excellent single player set up to play across several seasons that increase in length and bring in faster cars for you to play with. It also features a great in game marketplace, called Storefront, that allows you shop for new cars, designs, tuning set ups and even get into auctions to bid on items using your in game credits that you earn racing. You can also sell items the same way to generate more credits using your skill at painting or fine tuning a vehicle for certain track types. Or give away stuff for free, you aren’t required to set a price.

The game is huge and will entertain gamers for hours on top of hours with all of the cars to tune, tweak, and show off your artistic talent (or lack thereof) and the tracks that you can strive to master. Up to eight players online keeps the variety of challenges fresh.

The cars are so detailed and beautiful that you might cringe more than once when you rub paint with your opponents or clip your rear bumper on a barricade and spin your car out.

Overall, Forza Motorsport 3 is exceptionally immersive and puts all of the elements together magnificently. This could be the standard for quite some time from the creative team at Turn 10.

A copy of this game was provided to TMG for the purposes of evaluation and review.

Married Gamers Rating: A


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