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There are a great many games that you may have seen your friends playing on Facebook. One game that recently grabbed my attention is Fish Life created by Clipwire Games. This is a fairly new flash game that starts players out with 3 aquariums. Within these aquariums you can purchase fish that take a various amount of time to mature that you can then sell to make “shells.”

As with many of the flash games on Facebook, Fish Life has achievements that are attached to the game that keeps players to coming back for more. Not only are you trying to gain more “shells” but you also want to get different fish for your aquariums. While you are waiting for your fish to mature, you can sell them or you may just be lucky enough to have a crate fall into your aquarium that contains a frightened creature needing to be saved by another friend of yours.

These special crates may be a way for Clipwire Games to insure that other people playing the game will get special fish, or people not playing the game will see this within your facebook timeline and potentially will become hooked themselves on the game as well. The one good thing is that these special fish can be sold for a very large sum of “shells” as they reach adulthood.

With each achievement reached the experience that you gain will also move you along to the next level of the game. There is a mini-game that can be played in Fish Life as well. In the mini-game players move a clownfish along to catch sand dollars and avoid the dangerous bottles. Players gain more experience the farther they go.

This is definitely a type of game that you find yourself going back to, checking to see if your fish have grown to adulthood and can be sold for top dollar. Players can buy more decorations to make your aquarium look better than your friends, or compete with your friends in a level chase. Fish Life will take new players some time to buy fish but at least you can then leave it and let the fish mature and come back to it later. Good news, the fish don’t die…yet.

Married Gamers Grade: B+


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