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When gamers used to hear the name Final Fantasy, they used to know what to expect as the games in the series had simply amazing stories, unique battle systems and offered hours of gameplay.  It doesn’t take a genius to realize that the Final Fantasy series has changed dramatically over the years, to its detriment, some would argue.  Thankfully, Square Enix sees that gamers still crave that old school Final Fantasy feel and aims to fulfill that craving by bringing us Final Fantasy: The Four Heroes of Light for the Nintendo DS.

Created by Matrix Software, the developers behind the remakes of Final Fantasy III and IV for the DS, Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of light takes a different approach to the Final Fantasy series by bringing it back to it’s old school roots.  Unlike the majority of Final Fantasy games, where you control a lot of characters, you will only be controlling 4, thus giving the game it’s name.  This setup reminds me a lot of Final Fantasy 1 and feels very nostalgic.

Keeping with the theme of simplicity, the story in The 4 Heroes of Light is just that, simple. The game starts out with you in control of a young man who is about to go on his first quest, to rescue the princess from the evil witch. When you successfully complete your task and return home, to your horror, the entire kingdom is turned to stone and it now becomes your new quest to right this wrong.  Along the way you will meet new companions that will help you in your quest, but throughout the game they will go off on their own sub-quests, much like many other Final Fantasy games.  Overall, the story is good, but very cliché.  Then again, I think that’s what they were going for so I can’t fault them for that.


Those who have played Final Fantasy games in the past know that each entry has it’s own unique gameplay system, well the same is true for The 4 Heroes.  The game utilizes the job system as seen in many Final Fantasy games before, but what makes this game stand out from it’s fellow Final Fantasy brothers is that you don’t have control on what enemy you attack.  At first, it feels like you are being handicapped, but after a while, it starts to feel natural.  Although you can’t choose what enemy you want to hit, you do choose what move you want to perform and that’s where strategy is needed.  In every battle, each character only has a limited amount of action points, points they use to perform actions such as attack, magic, items, etc.  At the end of each turn, you recover some of your points, but if you’re not careful, you can easily deplete your action points, leaving you vulnerable to enemy attacks.  This gameplay, although simple, quickly becomes difficult and you will find yourself dying quite frequently.  To avoid dying as much it’s recommended to you grind you characters to high levels before proceeding through story segments where you know you will be facing a boss.  I know it stinks to have to resort to level grinding, but I guess that’s just part of the old school feel.


The graphics in 4 Heroes is quite impressive and proves just how good games can look on the Nintendo DS.  The graphic style is much like that of Matrix Software’s other Final Fantasy games for the DS, so if your familiar with those games you should know what to expect here.  Visually speaking, The 4 Heroes is one of the best looking games for the DS and Matrix Software proves again that they know how to get the most out of this hardware, I can’t wait to see what they end up doing with the 3DS.


I have been playing Final Fantasy games since FF3 on the SNES and the series has played a huge part in my gaming career.  Like any video game series, there have been high points and low points, but I continue to play them because I know that Square Enix puts their heart and soul into each one of these games and it shows.  Although Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light is not part of the numbered Final Fantasy series, it should not be viewed as a lesser game as it still possesses the magic that makes Final Fantasy games special.  Square Enix took a huge risk in having this game made instead of having Matrix Software make the DS version of Final Fantasy V and I hope the risk pays off for them.  Many fans are still waiting for the remakes of V and VI, but there is still no word on when those games will be released, so until then, we have The 4 Heroes of  Light to keep un entertained.  4 Heroes is a good game and Matrix Software still gives this game the same love and attention that they gave the remakes of III and IV.  Its great to see that old school styled RPGs can still be made today and I hope to see more in the future.  Games were simpler back in the day, but they had a magic about them that’s missing from a lot of games today. Thankfully, The 4 Heroes of Light captures that magic so perfectly, you would swear it was a remake of a game from long ago.  Although not the best Final Fantasy game I have played, I still had a great time playing The 4 Heroes of Light and I would recommend it to any RPG player out there, you will not be disappointed.

A copy of Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light was provided to the Married Gamers for the purpose of review.


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