Disney’s Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

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Fun nods to Disney history

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Disney history is filled with great characters, stories and attractions that today’s generation may never hear or see. Showcasing this history is where Disney’s Epic Mickey series hopes to shine. The game ends up trying too hard to appeal to the hardcore Disney fan and not trying hard enough to be a consistently entertaining game.

Disney’s Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two starts out with an earthquake in Disney’s version of Bizzaro World: Wasteland. After everyone dusts themselves off, the villain of the first game (Mad Doctor) proclaims that he has changed his ways and that he would like to help with the rebuilding. Sensing that something isn’t right, Mickey is summoned back to Wasteland to investigate and rebuild.

For a game that calls itself Epic in the title, the story just feels too small. Sure, there are several areas for Mickey and Oswald to explore; however, for around half of the game you are running around fixing things in Wasteland as if you were a magic handyman. Fixing air conditioners and shop signs just does not feel epic to me. The second half of the game does seem larger in scope, but you never get past the feeling that you are destined to be fixing stuff the whole time.

The gameplay throughout is repetitive at best and boring at worst. The whole game is essentially Mickey painting or thinning out a section of a level and then Oswald electrocutes something; rinse and repeat with little variety thrown in between.

This brings us to the Power of Two mentioned in the game’s title. Throughout the game, you get “help” from Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, but all he really does is make the game unnecessarily difficult. In co-op, there isn’t a problem since you can blame any boneheaded move on the person controlling him, but when you fly solo you just want to grab him by the collar and tell him how useless he is. Almost every puzzle in the game requires him to do something and even some of the villains require him to hit them with electricity to defeat them. The problem is that Oswald sometimes seems unwilling to help as he wanders off, gets stuck on scenery, or suddenly appears in front of you while attempting to navigate a tricky jump puzzle causing you to fall and start again. It seems like an odd oversight to not include online co-op, so that I would never be hurting for a partner to alleviate these issues.

Between each area, Mickey and Oswald have to travel through various classic Disney short films. The films are presented as a side-scrolling platformer and have the unintended consequence of making you wish that the entire game was like this. The levels are brief and fun and remind me of some of the better XBLA or PSN side scrolling titles like Braid or ‘Splosion Man.

The game bills itself as a musical, but please don’t go in expecting anything in the grand Disney musical tradition. All of the songs are sung by the Mad Doctor and aren’t really memorable, catchy, or even necessary. They serve to help with the story’s exposition, but never at the level of similar Disney songs such as The Lion King’s “Be Prepared.”  Every bit of the backstory presented in these musical numbers would have been more palatable as normal spoken dialogue.

Disney’s Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two is a great tribute to the vast history of the Disney company. Unfortunately as an actual game, it fails to live up to its promised epicness; leaving you with a game that is too cutesy for adults and too frustrating for children.

A copy of Disney’s Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two was provided to The Married Gamers for review.


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  1. Samantha Olvera December 9, 2012 at 7:31 pm - Reply

    I’m sad to hear this, though I will probably GameFly it anyway. Hopefully it doesn’t matter that I didn’y play the first one.

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