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Yesterday, I sat down with my four year old daughter to try one of Disney’s newest games, Disney Fairy Fashion Boutique. To be honest, I didn’t expect much. This was a fairy themed Disney fashion boutique game exclusive to iOS. It certainly wasn’t something I was particularly interested in, but I thought I would be able to level a critical eye at the game while my daughter enjoyed it.

What I found was a far deeper, far richer experience than I anticipated. Disney Fairy Fashion Boutique is precisely what it sounds like. You begin by choosing what your fairy looks like and you then open a boutique. Other fairies will come in and order particular pieces of clothing or accessories and you are tasked to craft them. The underlying game mechanics of the crafting, employee (called “helpers”) management, and resource allocation are remarkably well put together to make a very satisfying game experience.

Fairy Fashion Boutique beginnings

Your Boutique is Fairly Sparse to begin

As you sell more items your character levels and unlocks more patterns for each of the items that are able to be requested. Each pattern requires a certain helper to craft and those helpers require a certain amount of time and resources to craft those items. You’re able to play mini games to train your helpers to be more efficient at their tasks but this training renders them unable to craft for you for a period of time.

The game also features achievements in the form of goals. Achieving these goals nets you even more resources you can use for item creation.

As you continue to sell you can upgrade your boutique to hold more mannequins which you use to hold the things you craft. This enables you to have more concurrent orders running which allow you to grow your boutique’s business faster.

Of course, this is a freemium game so you are always able to spend real money to upgrade things faster than standard gameplay will allow. If you are allowing your children to play and you don’t want to find a large bill from iTunes next month, be sure your account is locked down to prevent them from buying too much.

The game does require reading, so some hand holding will be necessary if your child cannot read.

Gamers looking for a lot of variety in their gaming aren’t going to find that here, of course, as this game is designed for younger children. There is a lot to do, however, so it can occupy younger or casual gamers for fairly long stretches.

Disney Fairy Fashion Boutique is an impressively deep game that scratches a lot of different itches.  Disney could easily take this engine, skin it with Buzz Lightyear, and create a full blown Star Command Service Center/ Quartermaster game that would definitely entice gamers that are dissuaded by pretty little fairies. Until that happens, I’ll enjoy watching my wife and my daughter fight over the iPad for the right to be their own pixie couturier.


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  1. Marcia Webb September 11, 2012 at 11:56 am - Reply

    Couturier? Any article that makes me google a new words is a great one in my book!

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