Defense Grid: Containment

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Same old Defense Grid

Same old Defense Grid

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Defense Grid has been going strong since 2009, releasing a steady stream of downloadable content to supplement the tower defense gameplay of its original campaign. And despite the fact that the game shows some age now, hearing of the latest release of the Containment DLC, I found that I was still eager for more.

The subject of a completed Kickstarter campaign, creators Hidden Path Entertainment may have fallen short of their loftiest million dollar goal, but thankfully they still appear committed to making the sequel. That’s fortunate, because the Containment DLC doesn’t do a whole lot to satiate one’s tower defense desires.

True enough, if you’re already a huge fan (of the genre, or this game specifically) then this content pack delivers more of the same: there are eight new campaign story maps, and for the pittance of an email address you’re granted access to four community created levels. If you’ve played through every pack offered so far though, everything here is familiar enough that you can easily earn all gold medals on your first play through, finishing handily in less than four hours.


Whether or not it’s an unreasonable expectation for major game changers at this point, hitting the second level the map looks drastically different, the towers have a strange green hue and your AI partner leads you to believe that you are on an alien world. Consequently, it’s a pretty big let down when everything (literally, everything) goes right back to the same old same.

For this brief moment of inspiration you are really excited for what is about to come. For the next six maps, you only think about how much you wanted to play that game the creators only made you imagine. Perhaps that’s a DG2 teaser. One can only hope.

If you’re looking for more maps and a return to the old Defense Grid experience, then this is worth the five dollars. If what you’re really looking for is the sequel, then consider purchasing Containment as a means of putting money into Hidden Path’s pockets, for future-funding that project (which is essentially the opportunity you missed if you didn’t participate in the Kickstarter campaign).

But if DG for you has always been “meh,” then with this release you’ll still feel blasé.


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