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screen1 The concept behind Defend Your Castle is simple.  Heck, it’s the very title of the game.  You have a castle that must be defended at all costs.  In order to do so you must crush, rub out, blow up, make arrow pin cushions, or convert your attackers.   Defend Your Castle first found life on the PC as a flash game, but has recently been re-worked and released from the ground up by XGen Studios for the Wii on the newly launched WiiWare.

Defend Your Castle is a charmingly simple game that has an uncanny knack for eating up your time.   Players must fight back attacking hordes of stick figures with buttons for heads.  The graphics are adorable.  Fluffy cotton ball clouds are held up by yarn.  Your castle is made from construction paper.  Your cursor is a bread-bag clip.  A smiling sun acts as your stage timer as you fight to save your castle from sun up to sun down.  The game looks like it was developed by a third-grader with a very active imagination, and it adds to the goofy ambience of the game.

As stated, the goal is to defend your castle and to do that, up to four local players use their bread-bag clips to grab the attacking hordes and throw them into the air, high enough so that when they fall to the earth they become a pile of crushed lines and one dead button head. The Wiimote works really well with Defend Your Castle with an easy to use control scheme.  To grab an attacker the player simply has to move their cursor to an attacker and press either the A or B button to grab them, next you flick the Wiimote to toss them into the air.   The screen also shows players how to deploy the magical eraser.  With each kill, players earn points.  Those points at the end of each day can be used to ‘heal’ your castle, and of course ‘pimp’ out your castle with paint can that converts attackers into defenders.  Those defenders can man purchased battlements to defend the castle.  Each battlement has different abilities: one is an archery perch, one is masonry, one is a bomb making factory, and the last is a place of magic in which the players can "rub out’ attackers with a magic pink eraser.screen6

The pace of the game can be a little slow at first, which might quell the fun for a bit.  However Defend Your Castle does offer a much faster and hectic Legendary option that will give your wrists a workout defending the castle from a plethora of stick figure attackers.  The normal setting of the game does pick the pace up, and the variety of the attackers make the game compelling with slow and fast attackers, attackers with bombs, attackers with popsicle stick battery rams, and weird bottle cap cyclops.  As you progress in the game the attackers become hordes and the gameplay becomes frenetic.

This is a game that is easily addictive.  In co-op play, players all defend the single castle, but part of the fun is stealing other players kills.  It is so much fun to grab a falling attacker that another player has flung and to steal the points away when you kill the attacker.  At the end of each day or stage points are awarded and it becomes a competition to see who will be the king of the castle.

This is easily one of the shining stars on Wiiware.  We have found ourselves returning again and again to this game and spending over an hour at each sit-down.  The game save system adds enjoyment to the game as we try to see how far into the endless assault we can get.  Yes, the game is a bit repetitive, but the variations in the number of attackers, the speed at which these attackers come at your castle, and the visual style of the game keeps the player engaged, interested, and very very busy.  This game really does what the Nintendo Wii does best, community games that are easy to pick up, easy to learn, and gives hours and hours of fun and interesting gameplay for all different ages.  Kids and adults will love and adore this game.

Defend Your Castle is rated E for Everyone and is available on the Wii Shop channel under Wiiware for 500 Wii points.

Rating: A


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